Do Bettas Grow Bigger: How Big Do They Get? 

 January 24, 2022

Bettas are one of the most popular tropical fish in the world. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. One thing that you may not know is whether or not they grow bigger as they get older? In this article, we will discuss how big bettas get to decide if your new pet has enough room.


How Big Do Betta Fish Get In The Wild?


Bettas are a wild species that is originally from Asia. They can grow up to six inches long and live for about two years on average in the wild.


Bettas are not known for their large size. They usually only grow up to about two inches long, even when they live in the wild. However, there have been some recorded cases of bettas reaching five or six inches in length. You will rarely see a few shops keep this type of betta fish for sale. This is because most tropical fish do not reach maximum sizes outside of captivity.


How Big Do Female Betta Fish Get?


Female bettas are larger than males. They can have a maximum length of three inches, whereas male bettas usually only reach up to two inches long. Females also tend to be rounder and bulkier in shape because they carry eggs with them at all times.

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What Is A Full Grown Betta Fish Size?


Full-grown male Bettas measure between one and three inches on average, with females being slightly larger at around four to five inches long. You should be able to tell if your betta has enough room by using these measurements as a guide, but it’s always a good idea to check for yourself.


What Are The Biggest Betta Fish?


The biggest bettas can grow up to four inches long and live around five years old in captivity, but they are usually smaller than this because of the food sources available and diseases. It’s not common that you will see a fish reach maximum size unless it lives outside of its natural environment, such as in farms or aquariums where strict care is required by law on all levels.


Do Bettas Grow Bigger When They Are Kept As Pets?


Bettas that are kept as pets can grow to be about three inches long. This is not much bigger than the average betta in the wild though. If you keep your fish in a tank with other bettas, it may get bullied and remain smaller because of this stress. However, if you have one male betta or more females, they will probably stay around two inches long since there isn’t any need for them to fight over territory when only one gender is present.

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How Big Do Bettas Get In A Tank?


In an aquarium, bettas may only get one or two inches in length because of limited space compared to their natural habitat. Some breeders have reported some longer, but it depends on what type of fish you choose as well as how big your tank is.


Can My Betta Fish Grow To Be Larger Than Six Inches Long?


If you want larger than normal betta, then provide more room for them through at least five gallons per gallon rule. You should also give them enough space to move around and swim freely.


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