Blog 2020 best numbers and strategies to continue to be successful with blogging 

 July 20, 2020

For some years now, a bit like it happens for SEO , even for those who choose to open a blog, they regularly feel the fateful consideration: but how, do you open a blog in 2020? Blogging is dead now! Instead, dedicate yourself to a YouTube or Instagram account to become an influencers!

Yet, promptly, this thing is denied; betting on a blog still makes a lot of sense and can be successful , as long as you do not believe, as could have happened 10 years ago, to get traffic with standard 300-word articles with texts adapted from other sites. Here, this type of blogging is definitely dead and will not bring any success.

555 - Blog 2020 best numbers and strategies to continue to be successful with blogging


If, on the other hand, we are experts in a sector or niche, and we are able to create unique relevant resources that meet the search intent of users by really satisfying their needs, then opening a blog can turn into an excellent opportunity that can bring all benefits of the case (organic traffic from target users, conversions, economic revenues).

How has the blog changed? 5 years of blogging statistics, data and trends

This is the title of an incredible research on “blogging” conducted by zoobledigital.com/on about 1000 famous blogs and which covers the time span of the last 5 years, thus marking in perspective what could be the best trends for 2020. to be put into practice to put the “turbo” to projects based on the production of articles.

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This research was also examined by Giorgio Taverniti on his youtube channel, and in the rest of this article we will get to know the most salient aspects together.

Let’s start with a very important aspect: the best tactics to implement to get more results. The graph below tells us that on the podium of things to do to create a successful article are: 1) insert 10 or more images; 2) write at least 20 title drafts to choose the right one; 3) publish daily.
But amazingly, only 3% of bloggers do these things! Because they are actions that take a long time; quality requires dedication and a lot of work.

And in fact, if we look at the average period taken to create a single article , we see how from 2014 to today we have gone from about 2 hours to 20 minutes to almost 4 hours, with 19% of bloggers admitting that it takes even longer 6 hours.

555555 - Blog 2020 best numbers and strategies to continue to be successful with blogging


And what about the fateful length of the post in words? In 2019, the most successful ones counted around 1236 words. And the trend for 2020 is to write articles over 2000 words!

And since it takes a long time to create such high quality content, the frequency of publication drops; in fact, many bloggers today admit to publishing on a weekly basis (even if the maximum results are still obtained with a daily publication frequency).

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Finally, since we mainly deal with SEO, the last two data that still confirm the importance of doing good keywords research before writing and of the subsequent study of the results / data (analytics).

So, once again, this massive study conducted on the top 1000 blogs in the UK confirms how important it is, right now, and for the foreseeable future, to write very high quality, original and useful resources; only then will Google continue to reward our blogging activity. (If you want to read the whole report in detail, you can follow the link inserted at the beginning of the article.)


What can we do for you ?

If you want to know more or are interested in a high quality digital marketing service , zoobledigital is the digital PR , link building , SEO and brand reputation (online reputation) agency that can best support your digital business idea and follow you step by step to maximize it, increasing revenues.


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