Best Countries to Outsource Software Development in 2021 

 December 1, 2021

In this era of digitization, having a website or your own software is a must. Increasingly, organizations desire to build feature-rich software that will allow them to offer something truly unique to their customers.

Today, instead of using in-house talent, companies have realized the great wisdom of outsourcing their work. You can find software development outsourcing for various services like mobile app development, website development, eCommerce, and cloud solutions.

It can save you substantial money while still allowing you to receive quality work. But it’s essential to know the best countries for outsourcing software development projects.

Here are the six best countries where you can find people with significant skill sets.


India is the first country that comes to the mind of many when they hear the word outsourcing. It has a massive chunk of English-speaking population. Thus for organizations in the UK and US, it’s a suitable choice.

India also has close to 2.6 million Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) graduates every year. So, you should look for a software development outsourcing company with an impressive portfolio of 10,000+ B2B projects. The country is especially popular for outsourcing web development projects.


A bustling tech industry exists in Ukraine. Moreover, developers here hold a score of 88.7 percent throughout HackerRank challenges. The country also boasts of a massive number of C++ programmers in the world.

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For those worrying about communication barriers arising, you can rest assured that close to 80 percent of professionals in the IT community are fluent in English. The country also has a time zone that converges with the UK and US timings. Thus, not many issues can arise due to time gaps.


China has some of the fastest-growing IT organizations. It generates approximately 4.7 million tech graduates annually. Moreover, China secured the first spot in a hypothetical analysis of nations that are fit for participating in a programming Olympics organized by HackerRank.

Although the country has tax enforcement on Intellectual Property laws, they can be overcome by recruiting a trusted outsourcing agency.


The country has some of the most skilled programmers worldwide. Their programmers secured the first spot in Java assessments.

They also backed the top positions for other important programming languages like Ruby, Shell, and Python. Also, almost 30 percent of the population in Poland speaks English, which goes on to facilitate better communication.


The country has a specialized STEM high school system and has employed very effective educational reforms in recent years. Moreover, 92 percent of people here can converse in English.


All these factors make this country a top choice for outsourcing software development projects. Manilla, the country’s capital, has also been ranked as the second-best city for outsourcing worldwide by the Tholon Globalization Index.

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Romania provides its citizens with easy access to egalitarian, tuition-free education. It, in turn, has led to the rise of a diverse tech scene here. The developers in this country were ranked twentieth worldwide in the HackerRank programming tests.

The country has invested much in its IT infrastructure in recent years. The developers here earn thrice as much as the average Romanian. Thus, the IT field in Romania can attract a constant stream of talented and new workers. Approximately 90 percent of developers here can speak English, making it an attractive place for outsourcing.

Today, outsourcing projects has become very common. The countries listed above provide significant benefits to businesses that want to increase their tech skills and workforce. Every country has substantial assets which allow them to become the best destination for outsourcing purposes.


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