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 November 16, 2021

Were you having a bad day? Just lost your car keys and cannot open your vehicle? Or have you and your brother been arguing frequently, fighting over a single car key for your family automobile?

Problems like these can easily be solved by hiring our Auto Locksmith. At Dr. Auto Locksmith, we provide services not limited to unlocking your automobiles which keys you’ve lost, but we can also make you spare keys and duplicate them.

Here we will be talking about the services our auto locksmiths can provide for you if you ever need one.

Quick at work and timely services

Our professional auto locksmiths are experts at their craft and can easily create a mold of the key you need for your automobile. If you’re stuck in some random street because you’ve lost your keys after you parked your car, dialing our auto locksmith will surely help as we can provide roadside assistance as fast as we can.


It doesn’t matter where you’re located in Florida. If you are in Fort Lauderdale, call our Auto Locksmith Fort Lauderdale, and help will come your way immediately to address the problems with your vehicle locks immediately.


Easy key duplication and production

If you’ve lost your car keys, you would need to contact our auto locksmith immediately; otherwise, how would you be able to open and start your vehicle to drive it? And if you were careful and lucky enough to keep a spare, all the more reason for you to avail the services of an auto locksmith to have a duplicate made for safety measures in case you lose your extra.

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Our auto locksmiths conduct quick and precise work, and they can effortlessly make an exact copy of your spare key or mold the key of your vehicle locks in a matter of minutes. Not to mention, these specialists have worked with many automobiles of different manufacturers, brands, and varieties and have countless experience over the numerous keys they’ve had to work on and encountered in this line of work.

Broken key extraction and lock fixing

When you’ve been using your car for years, not only does your car get worn and torn, but also your car keys. If keys have been used too frequently for consecutive years, then there’s a possibility that its material has become brittle and susceptible to breaking after inserting it into the lock.


If you broke your key while inserting it in your vehicle door or while turning on the ignition, then our auto locksmiths can easily solve the problem for you. Give them a call, and they can extract the stuck bits of your broken key in the lock effortlessly and even make you a new exact copy of your broken key and a spare as a bonus if requested.


But sometimes, especially if you’ve tried to brute force the extraction of the broken car key bits on your own without the help of an auto locksmith, then it would cause damage to your vehicle door lock or the ignition system of your car. Calling professionals to assist and do the work for you will prevent this from happening or fix these problems. In addition, we have connections to retailers that have the supply identical to your locks that are easily adjustable and replaceable, thus making your life hassle-free and worry-free.

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Changing the car locks and key template

Most key-and-lock pair templates are unique and are rarely not pairs, e.g., one-to-many or many-to-one. In a many-to-one scenario, what usually happens is that there are numerous duplicates for one lock. It seems like a good idea for a household or property that multiple people are sharing. Unfortunately, this eventually leads to the lock being worn out faster than the durability of all keys combined, which would mean that you would need to change your locks finally unless you specify with your locksmith to have the same lock template be made.


Similarly, for scenarios wherein there is a master key that can open multiple locks, it would be most likely that the key would be worn out eventually. In both cases, getting our auto locksmith to maintain your locks or create duplicate keys is very doable and beneficial.


In an uncommon scenario wherein you decide to purchase a second-hand automobile and are very paranoid about the previous owner having a duplicate key of the vehicle, it is entirely possible to have the key and lock templates changed by hiring our auto locksmith to do it for you. Not only would this enhance the security of the vehicle, but it would also give you peace of mind knowing that there isn’t any possibility of getting your car stolen because of strangers possessing fitting keys.

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Maintenance of your car’s ignition system

The ignition system is one of the most important core components of a vehicle. With a faulty ignition system, a car wouldn’t be able to start, let alone run on the road. Most, if not all, vehicles worldwide use keys to jump and rev up the engine before it can perform its basic functionalities. By hiring our auto locksmiths, you ensure that your automobile’s ignition system is always being looked after by professionals, and be assured that there will be no unnecessary problems with it in its lifetime.

A Pennsylvania bill of sale form is strongly recommended in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania when somebody buys or sells a vehicle (of any kind). This document serves as proof of a legal automobile sale and purchase for both parties. It is not difficult to register a vehicle in Pennsylvania. You only need to bring a few documents to the Department of Transportation (DOT).

The bottom line is…

Our auto locksmiths provide very timely and quick services for customers who frequently experience problems with their automobile locks, such as losing your keys, breaking them with a part of it stuck inside the ignition key slot, broken locks, etc. In addition, our experts and specialists in this field have amassed experiences and knowledge necessary for precision and effortless output, which would greatly help you in your troubles. And lastly, most, if not all, our services that offer auto locksmithing are very accommodating to customers and would cross great lengths to provide service. It means if you’re stuck on the streets of Florida with your unrideable vehicle and need some roadside assistance because of lock and key problems, let our auto locksmith Fort Lauderdale do the job for you, and you’ll be satisfied with the services provided.

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