TheOneSpy WhatsApp call recorder software for Android Devices 

 August 9, 2021

WhatsApp is the world’s No.1 social messaging app that is popular among every one. Instant messaging app has made its way to the next level because of its powerful and user –friendly features. It has billions of active users all around the world. Moreover, people these days want to monitor track and record WhatsApp activities for many reasons. People have tendency to forget about things that they have discussed with anyone on messages, chat conversations, voice calls and forget what they have shared on instant messenger.

WhatsApp monitoring is a walk in the park, and you can record VoIP calls on any cellphone device connected to the internet if you have TheOneSpy at your disposal. We have the task to record instant messenger voice calls and voice and video calls and other activities. Today, I am going to guide you on how you can use the cellphone monitoring software to perform WhatsApp call recording without facing hassles.  Before we go into the details, you need to know why people want to record voice calls of IM.

Here are the following reasons to monitor and record social networks VoIP calls:

  • Your child could become the victim of cyber bullying and sexual predators on the instant messaging app.
  • Your partner could cheat on you by using the social messaging app
  • You can record what your employees are talking about on social networking app

You have read WhatsApp conversations, messages, group chat, and voice call to find out what your target device user is doing on the messaging app late at night or during working hours. In this article, I would describe a WhatsApp call recorder that lets you know about the activities of your teens and workforce to the fullest.

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What is WhatsApp call recording app?

It is one of the best android spy applications on the web. You can use it to record IM’s voice and video calls without root and save the data of recorded calls to the secure online dashboard for sure. It is easy to install the app on your target device and enable users to set parental control on cell phones. Moreover, use it for employee monitoring purposes to unveil the hidden voice conversations, text conversations shared media, and voice messages logs.

  • What makes you consider TheOneSpy call recorder?
  • It is the non-rooted application to record VoIP
  • It is hidden and works invisibly on the target phone
  • It is best for parental control activities
  • It can keep tabs on your employee voice chats

How does TheOneSpy call recording software works?

Do you want to listen to the Voice calls on instant messenger? You can record and listen to the voice chat, but you need to get the license first, and then you can get the job done.

Here are the steps to monitor and track VoIP on WhatsApp for sure:

Subscribe to TheOneSpy phone tracking app

You have to get the subscription online using the TOS phone monitoring software webpage. It will send the credentials in your email. You need to get the password and ID and start the process of installation.

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Get physical access on the target phone

After all, you have to have physical access to get started the installation process on the target mobile device. You need to finish the installation process successfully and activate it on your target cellphone.

Use an online dashboard to activate call recorder for WhatsApp

You have to use the credentials to access the dashboard and use the features given below to record live incoming and outgoing voice calls.

Use TheOneSpy Features to read chat, messages & Voice calls

Here are the features that enable users to get the job done to the fullest:

VoIP call recording

Users can use the WhatsApp Voice call recorder on the target device using an online dashboard. It enables users to record and listen to the messenger’s audio and video calls in real-time and send the data to the dashboard.

IM’s social media

Users can use it to get WhatsApp chat logs, messages, media sharing, voice messages, and VoIP call logs with the schedule.


TheOneSpy has the best Feature of WhatsApp call recording to record and listen to the voice chat and conversation.

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