What Makes Lisbon Special? Five Reasons to Visit 

 June 17, 2022

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and it is a major tourist destination. You may know people personally who have gone there and are interested in learning more, or perhaps your annual vacation is coming up and you’re deciding where you’d like to travel next. Lisbon is a wonderful place to visit for a wide variety of reasons. There’s a lot to do, a lot to see, it is absolutely beautiful, and it carries a rich history at every corner. Not only that, but there is something about the culture that is simply contagious.


Whether you’ve been to Lisbon before, or this is your first time thinking about visiting, you’re going to want to book your flight as soon as you’re done reading this list.

The Weather

First and foremost, Lisbon is a major tourist destination already. This is partially because of the beautiful weather and gorgeous climate. Even in the winter, Lisbon offers comfortable temperatures for walking tours and visitors. In the summer, it gets hot enough to visit and relax on one of the many beaches that are just on the outside of the city.


If you’re looking for a place to visit that will be nice and warm, Lisbon definitely checks the box and will offer you exactly what you’re looking for. Something to note about the weather is that it can have a tendency to rain, although there are typically more sunny days than rainy ones.

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Vasco da Gama Tower and Cable Car

This skyscraper is one of the most unique buildings out there. To visit this tower, which is named after a great explorer, the visitor takes a cable car from the nearby oceanarium. This allows for an amazing view as the cable car carries passengers up through the air. The building is located adjacent to the bridge of the same name, and the Tagus river. As such, passengers have an incredible view of both the bridge and the river as they make their way toward the tower.


Once inside the tower, the views become even more spectacular of both the river and the bridge. This is notable because the bridge is one of the longest bridges in all of Europe. This is definitely a site worth seeing if you’re going to be taking a trip to Lisbon and want to get a bird eye view of the city.

Azulejos (Blue Tiles)

These tiles are tin-glazed ceramic tiles and were used in a variety of historic art pieces. Today, these blue-and-white looking tiles are mainly used as the decorations on the outside of houses. Most of the buildings decorated in this fashion are located in the old town of Lisbon though, which can require a bit of an adventure. That being said, these tiles are one of the famous attractions to Lisbon and are absolutely gorgeous to see in person. The way that they are used is incredibly creative and inspirational. Not only that, but these tiles are such an important part of art-history that there is a whole museum dedicated to them

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This museum is also located in Lisbon and is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon when you’re visiting.

Carmo Convent Ruins

The Carmo Convent ruins are a historic landmark in the city of Lisbon. As such, they are a wonderful tourist attraction, and awe-strikingly powerful in person. These ruins are also located in the old town of Lisbon and are the remnants of the convent in the wake of the 1755 earthquake. Originally, this church was built in 1389 in a Gothic style, but was never refurbished or reconstructed after the earthquake in 1755.


Today it is a reminder of a time that once was, and a monument to where we are now.

Sunset and Wine Tours

Perhaps this is the most convincing reason to visit Lisbon out of all of them. The beautiful sunset and wine tasting tours. These tours offer visitors a gorgeous way to end any day on their vacation. Even if it’s the last one. Tourists can use luggage storage in Lisbon and catch one final sunset, while enjoying a curated list of wines before returning to the airport and ending their trip.


Even if it isn’t your last night in town, the sunset and wine tours are a romantic way to spend an evening with your partner, whether it’s your first joint-vacation, or your 50th anniversary. Alternatively, they’re also a wonderful way to show yourself some self-love if you’re a solo-traveler.

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A Few Last Words on Lisbon

If you’re thinking about planning your next vacation there are a lot of reasons to choose Lisbon. From the climate to the culture, and the many adventures that Lisbon offers, it is a great spot to travel for any reason at all.

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