What formulas should a beginner bettor know? 

 April 28, 2022

Bookmakers today attract the attention of a huge audience, so many people are increasingly interested in the reality of winnings. Some are sure that sports betting is an addiction that not only will not bring money but will also cause emotional distress. But people are interested in this way of spending time and are interested in the secrets of successful betting.

If you are interested in live betting and the opportunity to earn real money without leaving your home, an excellent solution would be to turn to the services of the Parimatch online platform. This portal provides the opportunity to bet on various sports while offering the most favorable winning odds.

Before you start betting, you should understand that betting is a so-called bet between a betting company and a player. To participate in the game, it is mandatory to register, indicating certain data. After successful completion of registration, you can choose a sport and place bets on upcoming matches.

How not to miscalculate and secure a guarantee of winning? Of course, the risk of losing is always present, but you can still increase your chances of winning. First of all, you need to decide on the type of sport. It is not worth taking risks and betting on a sports direction that you have not heard anything about before. Choose popular sports games and teams that you have heard about and information about which is available on the Internet.

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Reliable information about the team is the key to successful bets

It is very important to remember that sports betting is an opportunity to have fun and positive emotions. But you should not make betting the main way to make a living. You don’t need to systematically bet, you need breaks and rest – both physical and emotional. It is important to understand that winning may not happen immediately, perhaps the first steps will bring you a failure. Remember, betting is just a hobby and should only be fun. To increase the chances of winning, analyze the mistakes, try to understand the reason for the defeat, and look for expert recommendations regarding betting.

Be sure to work with the information. Ask under what conditions the team you have chosen shows the best results, and when the players lose ground and are defeated. Before the upcoming match, monitor the physical condition of the players. You must be aware of which of the participants was injured, who was disqualified, and who left the team altogether.

Weather conditions are an important factor when placing bets

Watch the weather forecast. Quite often, the emotional and physical state of the players is affected by weather conditions, and subsequently, the results of the match can be unpredictable.

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Never raise your bet, even if you won as a beginner. Decide on the amount you are willing to lose if you lose, and never change it. Be sure to follow the changes in the winning odds, it is on this indicator that the size of the winnings depends.

Choose the right types of bets

Remember that today you can make a variety of bets:

  • on the outcome of the match;
  • for the best player;
  • for the best bunch of players;
  • total;
  • Handicap and others.

Check out the stats, take a closer look at the team, review member reviews, and keep an eye out for any possible changes. By adhering to the above recommendations, you will get not only pleasure from the game but also the opportunity to earn real money without leaving your home.


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