Top Designing Tips for a Step and Repeat Banner 

 July 7, 2021

If you are hosting or sponsoring an event then one of the best ways to display your brand and grab the attention of your potential customers is using a step and repeat banner. Your step and repeat banners can also give your guests a professional backdrop for photos that they can share enabling more people to see your logo printed across the banner. It may seem to you that designing a step and repeat banner is simple and it is also true, designing a step and repeat banner is indeed simple you just have to keep some essential points in mind, that’s all.

Regardless of whether you’re hoping to set out an incredible photograph freedom at your next show or you’re holding a gigantic item dispatch occasion where you’ll anticipate big name appearances, there are numerous utilization for a quality advance and rehash flag. Here, we’ve assembled a manual for assist you with making the most ideal showcase to suit your image and occasion.

In this article, we will discuss some of those essential points so without any delay let’s start.

Choose the Right Size for Your Banner

Step and repeat banners are available in various sizes; you have to pre-plan the size that will be the best for your purpose. Step and repeat banners are used as a photo backdrop so they have to be large enough such that they extend above and to the sides of the one whose photo is being clicked. According to Healthline, the average height of a human is 5 feet 4.9 inches, considering this height; 8 feet will be the ideal height for your banner. And for the width, check whether the guests are to be photographed as groups or individuals.


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Get the Right Logo Size on the Banner 

An important thing that you must keep in your mind during banner design is the size of your brand logo. Now, this might be a bit confusing, the size of your brand logo should not be very small as then it will become difficult in the photographs to identify your logo on the other hand it should also not be large enough such that it cannot fit in a photograph. There is no exact size for your logo, just make sure that your logo is large enough to be distinguished properly and also small enough to properly fit in all photographs.

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Keep Spacing between Your Logos.

Besides the size of the logo, you also have to take care of the logo spacing. If you do not put enough spacing between your logos then your step and repeat banners will look clumsy whereas too much spacing between your logos will make your banner look empty and dull. You have to maintain an appropriate spacing so that the logos are distinguishable and also close enough so that they can form a pattern appearance in photographs.

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The fundamental thought is that your logo is adequately little to fit – coherently – in the edge, paying little heed to the number or stature of individuals being shot. This typically brings about logos that are 9-11 inches wide and 5-7 inches tall, set in a rehashing design across the full length of the background.

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Most advance and rehashes will move up pleasantly for capacity, and on the off chance that you can get your hands on a conveying case, it very well might merit the additional money to keep your setting clean and sans wrinkle. Also, would you be able to try and convey it yourself, or will you require help? You will be schlepping this bundle around air terminals and conference halls, so ensure you can get it’s anything but A to Point B all alone on the off chance that you don’t anticipate having help close by.

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Use High-Resolution Images

If you want your step and repeat banners to grab the attention of people effectively then using high-resolution images is a must. Low-resolution images will give a blurry look to your banner so you have to make sure that the resolution is high enough such that the image remains sharp enough upon enlarging. The ideal resolution for a step and repeat banner is at least 100dpi.

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Benefits Of using Repeat Banners

There are bunches of advantages of utilizing a stage and rehash the flag at an occasion or capacity. Here are only couples:

  • Practical, yet proficient completion
  • Ensures all photography is marked
  • Reusable whenever planned essentially with your logo
  • Flexible for use at occasions, displays, meetings, item dispatches
  • Makes your image stand apart from career expos



These are some important points that you must keep in mind while designing a step and repeat banner. Besides all these points you also have to understand the purpose of the event as different events require different banner designs.

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