The Ultimate Guide To Getting More Views On Your Instagram 

 March 3, 2022

So, you are planning on being the next best Instagram influencer?

But, is your number of views stopping you?

Yes, we can understand it is not enough

You wish to gain that ultimate number of followers and likes, which will allow us to leave out 9 to 5 and become a full-time influencer.

The stories, the post, the polls, the emoji pullers; everything can be very overwhelming at the end of the day.

So, let’s start with getting more views in your Instagram stories and Reels!

How are you going to do it?

We might have some suggestions that can help you and get you in the good books of Instagram algorithms.

The trick is to increase engagement.

How and why?

This is something we should discuss in the excerpt below.


This is Instagram 101 for every beginner who dreams of being an influencer one day.

Why Are Views So Important?

Have you ever noticed that in spite of putting your best feet, you are unable to get the desired views?

Now, yes, you can buy instagram story views. However, you should also learn the entire process.

Views help algorithm – Helps views!

Therefore, the views in your Instagram posts will determine whether the Instagram algorithm should consider you or not.

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– More views mean you are more interactive and engaging with your audience.

– More views mean you are scheduling daily and at proper intervals.

– More views mean people are liking your posts and want to see more of them.

– Did you know that all of these materials actually consist of the elements which the Instagram algorithm consists of the best.

– Thus, your Instagram algorithm reputation will only skyrocket when you start getting more views.

Ultimate Guide To Get More Views On Your Instagram

According to Instagram experts, these are some ways you could get the best views for your Instagram.

1. Make More Reels

Anything that you can present in a video form will become a fan favorite. You do not have to worry about what the content is.

As long as it is following the Instagram guidelines and putting their creative touch on it, you will be able to gain your new batch of following.

2. Go Live Often

They are not just some follower count on the screen!

They are people, and the best way to connect with people is one through one interaction. The live feature on Instagram is one of the best ways to achieve that.

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Through Live sessions, you will also be able to gather enough customer feedback and do exactly what they want to get more views.

3. Interact In The Comment Section

Your comment section is a hidden gem!

You have no idea how much you will be in the good books of the Instagram algorithm with the help of your comment section.

Not many marketers or creators talk in the comment section. So, you will already be making an impressive start.

4. Collaborate With Others

Collaborating with others will give you great exposure!

You are receiving views from your followers and from other followers. This is an excellent way to hype your page and expand your reach.

5. Have A Niche & Make It Interesting

Do not throw darts in the dark!

There has to be a niche that you are more interested in!

Now that you have the niche, it is time to make a game plan that will give your niche uniformity to attract as many views as you can.

6. Create What People Want To Watch

Whenever you are going to the live sessions or reading through the comments, do not do it just for the purpose of interaction.

Take notes!

– What they want.

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– What they like.

– What they dislike.

Make your posts based on these studies, and your views will increase. Viewer satisfaction is everything on Instagram.

7. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are not just ornaments

They also increase the chances of you getting recognized by other creators and viewers.

Especially if you are using some product as an influencer, brand hashtags can also get you noticed by other brands.

Become The Next Big Influencer!

Becoming the next big influencer won’t be easy!

But nevertheless, you will have to hustle!

Getting constant views can only be achieved if you are consistent.

– So, post every day.

– Make your posts interesting.

– Keep asking what your viewers want.

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