Self-Study Vs Coaching- Which is the Best Approach? 

 July 28, 2021

Maximum youngsters in India dream of securing a government job. To make that dream come true, candidates work from their fingers to bone. Some candidates are efficient enough to prepare for the exam by relying on self-study. Whereas, others need proper nourishment to prepare for arduous government exam. Without a doubt, searching for an appropriate institute is a painstaking task. Note that a good coaching institute can help you get an edge over your competitors. Moreover, preparing for a government exam with the help of a coaching institute can enhance your overall score. 

Every year lakhs of graduates appear for the SSC CGL exam to grab a prominent job in a government department. We all know every government exam has high competition. Only a few candidates are able to channel through the tough phases of the exam. To cope up with the fierce competition of the exam, candidates seek help from an illustrious coaching institute. If you are going to appear in the SSC CGL 2021, crack the exam with the guidance of a coaching institute. 

Here we have jotted down some benefits revealing benefits of joining a coaching institute:

Joining a coaching institute can work wonders for you in multiple ways while preparing for the government exams. 

  • Expert guidance

Generally, all coaching institutes are well-versed with every government job in India. They scrutinize the potential of students and advise them to appear for the exam accordingly. A good coaching institute hires counsellors to guide students while preparing for the government exams. This thing is quite impossible, if you choose to study at home. Thus, preparing after taking expert advice can help you bear fruitful results. Therefore, you need to plump for a reputable institute that can offer you splendid guidance at every step of your preparation.

  • Neoteric teaching practices

An ideal coaching institute will always use interactive teaching techniques. Nowadays, most coaching institutes conduct smart classes to impart valuable coaching classes. Attending these classes can help you understand and retain concepts easily. On the other hand, if you choose to prepare for the exam with self-study only, then you won’t get this benefit. In addition to smart classes, most of the coaching institutes have well-equipped computer labs for students. So, preparing for the exam with the help of a coaching institute is always the right choice.

  • Experienced and intellectual teachers

Is there any possibility that you can prepare for every subject of the government exam on your own? Maybe not ! In one way or the other you might need help from a mentor to help you out with some topics. Every coaching institute hires well educated and experienced teaching staff. They know the exam pattern and syllabus every government exam scrupulously. Teachers at coaching institutes can help you complete exam syllabus on time. Additionally, they’ll clear your every doubt regarding any subject.

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Clearing your doubts and queries while doing self study is a bit tough. So, you can enroll yourself with a coaching institute for better understanding of concepts. 

  • Weekly mock tests

Attempting enough mock tests can serve you as a boon. Every coaching institute conducts mock tests to assess the calibre of students enrolled with them. Furthermore, they make suitable efforts to improve the performance of students. Solving mock tests is the best way to replicate the experience of government exams. Therefore, practicing mock tests can boost confidence in you to appear for the exam. Also, it will amp up your speed of solving more questions with accuracy in the exam.

Without a doubt, you practice mock tests during self-study also. But, you won’t have any guide who can tell you how to improve your performance. So, enroll with a coaching institute. They conduct weekly mock tests to gauge the potential of their students. 

  • Section-wise preparation of exam

To crack the government exams, it’s essential to ace every section of the exam. It is helpful in improving your overall score in the exam. In a coaching institute you’ll attempt a different class for each subject. This way you’ll be able to prepare for each section properly. If you rely on self-study only, you’ll end up studying for the subjects that you find interesting. It is highly important to have a good hand over every section of the exam. Gaining proficiency over every section of the exam can help you crack any government exam in a single go.

  • Provides study material

The best feature of a coaching institute is that they provide you with the finest study material. They prepare study material with the help of experts. We all know that study material is the core of government exam preparation. You need to pick appropriate books as per your exam syllabus. Thus, by joining the coaching institute you can cut-off this burden of collecting appropriate study material. You’ll get appropriate study material from the institute you are enrolled with. Also, they provide affordable study material to prepare for government exams.

  • Doubt sessions

It’s quite obvious that you’ll have doubts while preparing for various subjects of the exam. Every candidate seeks the help of a reliable source that can help them clear their every doubt and query. Clearing your doubts during self-study is a bit hard. So, link with an illustrious coaching institute to clear your doubts. Some coaching institutes keep separate coaching sessions to help weak students. If you want to clear your doubts properly and save time for revision, join a coaching institute.

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Many graduates prepare for the SSC CGL exam. Some rely on self-study, others go for coaching classes. Thus, approaching a reliable institute that is adept in catering SSC coaching in Chandigarh can help candidates. 


Preparing for a government exam is a tough task. A majority of candidates prepare with the help of coaching institutes. It is because preparing with the help of a coaching institute can serve you a plethora of advantages. Go through the points mentioned above to know the benefits. However, preparing with the help of coaching institutes doesn’t mean you’ll eschew self-study. Note that self-study is equally important, as it can help you retain concepts studied in a coaching institute. So, give proper time to self study as well as coaching. 

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