Sapphire style: 5 reasons brides love sapphire engagement rings 

 November 21, 2021

Coloured gemstones have really taken off in the engagement ring department. They are bold, gorgeous and unique, providing the wearer with a glamorous, standout look that makes for the perfect pre-wedding band.

If you’ve been looking for the best blue sapphire rings Sydney has on offer, here are six reasons why you’re definitely onto a winner:

1.Blue sapphire rings are unique

There is no more unique engagement ring than a blue sapphire ring. Why? Because no two blue sapphire stones are alike, making them a fully customised engagement band that is its own individual style just like the individual style of love you and your bride-to-be have going.

Not only this, but blue sapphire stones are available in every cut and aren’t restricted to particular styles. All you have to do is choose the blue sapphire stone you want for your bride-to-be and voila – you will receive a well-sized and proportioned blue sapphire engagement ring that your significant other is sure to love.

2.Sapphires are more cost-friendly than diamonds

The sapphire industry isn’t monopolised like that of the diamond industry, and therefore the market isn’t manipulated to a point where prices are absolutely exorbitant.

There are many figures in the sapphire industry, making it a fairer market and one that doesn’t carry the same astronomical prices as diamonds. This being said, sapphires are just as rare and unique to diamonds, making them a truly wonderful option without the hefty price tag.

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3.Sapphires are incredibly durable

Sapphires sit at nine on Moh’s scale of hardness which means they are incredibly strong as well as being super scratch resistant. In fact, the Apple Watch is protected by synthetic sapphire (a human made sapphire with the same chemical and physical properties as a natural sapphire) which gives you an indication of just how strong and scratch-resistant these stunning gems are.

Other gems such as emeralds do not contain the same level of strength or scratch-resistance as sapphires, making them one of the world’s most beloved – and reliable – choices for engagement bands.

4.They are outstandingly beautiful

The gorgeous blue and rainbow hues of sapphires cannot be beaten when it comes to beauty. These stunningly beautiful gems are a whirl of colour containing the deepest blues that give way to ethereal lighter hues that sparkle in the sunlight.

There is a reason why sapphires are one of the most popular engagement ring stones: they truly are one of the most enchanting stones there is, perfectly capable of inspiring awe and wonder with their beauty.

5.They provide beautiful contrast to the wedding ring

If you choose to continue wearing your engagement ring along with your wedding band, you will quickly see that blue sapphire provides a stunning contrast to your – possibly diamond – wedding ring.

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6.Sapphires are rising in value

We’re not saying you’re ever going to get rid of your diamond or sapphire engagement ring, but it is nice to know that the gem is so beautiful and revered that it is – in fact – rising in value the world over.

Auction houses across the globe are seeing these lovely gems are starting to shatter previous records with buyers keen to pick them up for their personal collections.

The rise in popularity – and therefore value – of the beautiful blue sapphire is a testament to just how wonderful the gem is and why it’s a great option to put on your engagement ring.

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