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 July 24, 2021

How to Connect a  rockspace wi-fi Range extender  Rockspace AC1200/AC750 to a Wi-Fi Network Using the WPS Button

  1. Connect the Rockspace Extender unit to a wall outlet near an existing wifi router and wait for the light to turn solid blue.
  2. Locate and hit the little WPS button on the existing wifi router.
  3. Within 2 minutes of pushing the Router WPS button, go to the Range Extender device and press the WPS button.
  4. Wait until the Led light on the Repeater signal turns solid blue.
  5. This is the WPS method for connecting a non-rockspace access point or WiFi router to a rock space signal booster device.


The Web interface is used to set up the Rock Space Wifi Extender.

This method requires connecting the rock space booster device to a mobile or laptop device via default wifi ssid or wired connection via the Extender device’s Ethernet port.

  1. Connect the Rockspace Wi-Fi extender to the same room’s power outlet as the wifi router.
  2. Open Wi-Fi on your phone or laptop and look for a network. Use the default SSID “rockspace ext” to connect.
  3. Connect the “rockspace ext” SSID and wait for your phone or laptop to connect to the Extender device’s wifi.
  4. Access Ap.Setup or in a Web browser and wait for the login screen to load.
  5. During the initial configuration of the range extender, you must create a new login password. Change your login password to something more secure and click the next button.
  6. The next step will provide you a list of all neighbouring rockspace extender-enabled WiFI networks.
  7. Choose your existing wifi network’s name from the drop-down menu and enter the password for the one you want to extend.
  8. The expanded WIFI network has a separate SSID that you can alter here.
  9. Wait a few seconds, and you’ll see the page that says “extended successfully.”
  10. Return to your phone and rescan for a wifi network.
  11. You’ll get a new SSID called “Rockspace 5GEXT” or whatever name you gave your new extended network during configuration. For the extended network, use the same Wi-Fi password as the existing network.

This is how to set up a range extender device to improve wifi signal and speed without having to change the network name or run physical cable. The location of a WiFi repeater equipment affects network performance and range extender speed. Follow the steps to properly instal a Range Extender.

Rockspace WiFi Range Extender Installation:

One of the most critical factors that improves range extender connectivity and speed is its location. Wrong placement can lower the capacity and speed of a high-capacity range extender, therefore always locate the Extender unit in the best possible spot.

MSRM Extender Setup

Things to consider while setting up a new range extender:

  1. Locate a suitable position for the extender device. The existing host wifi signal can be increased by at least 50%.
  2. Place the Wi-Fi booster device outside of a covered space, such as a cupboard, under the table, or inside a drawer.
  3. Keep the extender’s two external antennas pointing upwards.
  4. To gain stable and stronger communication, make sure there are no obstacles between the Range extender wifi router and the router.

Troubleshooting for the Rockspace Range Extender

Fixing a setup difficulty, a range extender that won’t join to an existing wifi network, or a range extender that’s connected but not connected to the internet are all common issues that arise when adding a new extender device to an extended network. This section of the troubleshooting guide will assist you in resolving the rockspace wi-fi Range extender connection issue.

Unable to use the Rockspace Web interface.

  1. If utilising from a mobile device, ensure sure the extender’s WIFI signal is connected to the mobile device’s wifi and that the mobile data is turned off.
  2. If you’re using a laptop or PC, make sure the LAN settings are set to DHCP (obtain an IP address automatically).
  3. Make sure you type the URL in the correct format. http://re.rockspace.local Keep typing errors to a minimum, such as http /re.rockspace.local, http//re.rockspace.local, or other related errors.

If the login error persists, simply disconnect the repeater from the power source and reconnect it, then reset the repeater to default mode.

Resetting the Rock Space Range Extender

If your login IP address isn’t working, you’ve forgotten your password, or your rage extender isn’t connecting or disconnecting, you can reset it and set it up again.

  1. Wait for the power led to turn solid after plugging the extension device into the power socket.
  2. For 8-10 seconds, press the RST button with a needle or paper clip.
  3. The power LED will then become solid on, and the gadget will return to its factory settings.

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