Qualities of Impact and AGG sprinklers 

 January 31, 2021

The sprinkler is a watering system for your crops, landscapes, or gardens that works like normal rain. Water flow passes through a system of tubes and splits into tiny drops of water that fall to the ground. But there are several sprinklers on the market in the planting world and choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

Therefore, in the article, we have listed some of the Impact and AGG sprinklers made from durable brass/metal/plastic. They are designed for peak performance in state-of-the-art irrigation systems and provide uniform coverage, operation at low water pressure levels to keep your space leafy and environmentally friendly.

  • Elgo Impact Sprinkler

Elgo Impact Sprinkler

This is a full/partial circular sprinkler with four settings, ideal for medium to large lawns. It usually comes with a splash guard and 30 ° -360 ° arc adjustment.

If you want to change the rotation of the full circle, lift the lever. The system is easy to use, and once installed, you will not need to move the hoses as they cover the entire area to be watered.

  • Vyrsa VYR Impact Sprinkler

If you want to harvest, grow, and even spray, impact sprinklers are the most affordable irrigation system. There are different types of Vyrsa VYR impact sprinklers:

  • VYR-155 – This is a full circle agricultural sprinkler, made of brass with a male connection and has three nozzles.
  • VYR-80 – It is a robust, partly circular sprinkler for the irrigation of small nurseries and greenhouses.
  • VYR-35 – This is a full circle agricultural brass sprinkler with a ¾ ” male connection.
  • VYR-65 – This is a partial circle agricultural sprinkler made of brass with a 1″ male threaded connection.
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However, all products in the Vyrsa VYR Impact Sprinkler catalogue are made of brass and stainless steel with high-strength rotary seals. But has different nozzle angles and other features. Besides, there is the VYR-66, which is also part of the molded agricultural sprayer, made of plastic and available with a ¾ “male connection.

  • ToroPremier/President/Mansoon/Typhoon

This is a popular metal/bras impact sprinkler system for applications in the medium pressure range widely used for the overhead sprinkling of vegetables and pastures. These are adjustable spring arms for rotation.

  • Pope Rotoframe Rotating Sprinkler

Pope Rotoframe Rotating Sprinkler

If you want a low-pressure sprinkler for your field, the Pope Rotoframe rotary sprinkler may be one of the best choices. It comes with a rotating centrifuge and frame that improve water distribution. However, with minimum manual effort, it can efficiently spray water in the entire field.

  • Keith Moss DACM Irrigation Sprinkler

It has extensive values and operates well on low to average or high pressures. From irrigating crops to spraying and fertilizing, cooling crops, and mitigating bush fires can use it for all purposes. Plus, it has adjustable arms for opposite watering and other purposes.

Keith Moss DACM Irrigation Sprinkler

If you are looking for one of the strongest and longest-lasting Impact sprinklers on the market, you should first consider the following factors:

  • Your farm/field requirement
  • The cost of the system.
  • The Impact sprinkler brand
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However, make sure you have a quality Impact and AGG sprinkler system that guarantees good value for money in the long run.

Closing words

Impact sprinklers are suitable for all types of fields, gardens, landscaping, or crops as they provide suitable coverage for large, medium, and small areas. Sprinklers are adaptable and are available in a wide range of flow capacities.

However, when selecting the right sprinkler to meet your needs with a high and low angle, the Irrigation Workshop has a full line of impact sprinklers. With them, you can have better performance and longer life with minimal maintenance.

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