Perfect Bed Size For A Family 

 February 24, 2022



When looking to buy a bed you should consider not only the size of the bed but also the height of your mattress. It is important that you do not purchase a mattress for your family, yet all feel comfortable sleeping on it. This is where a twin size over full size bed comes in handy.


The mattress is the foundation of your bed and an important factor to consider when purchasing a new one for your home. It is recommended that you purchase mattresses with a minimum thickness of 10cm, though thicker mattresses are generally more comfortable than thinner ones. Mattresses are also made from a variety of materials and can be considered firm, medium or soft.


California Queen


California queen sized beds are also quite popular. The bed itself measures 78″ x 84″, and it is great for taller individuals who need some extra space while sleeping or individuals who enjoy having their feet hanging off the end of their beds. The queen mattress has the most space of any mattress.


This size is also the most popular. As a result, it is the most competitive size and will give you the most comfort. It has the largest bed area, so you should make sure that the room you choose to buy it in is big enough. The queen mattress size is 60″ by 80″ and the king mattress is six hundred and eighty inches long by two feet wide. The Olympic queen mattress is 6 inches wider than a regular queen mattress and you can intimate sleep on a low budget.



California King


California king sized beds have become increasingly popular in California over the past few years. The bed itself measures 72″ x 84″, and it is great for taller individuals who need some extra space while sleeping or individuals who enjoy having their feet hanging off the end of their beds. A standard king size is the same length as a typical queen, but with additional headboard space built in. These are popular among people with a habit of reading during nighttime hours (or both!).


Mattress sizes can vary considerably from one country to another. An Australian queen size bed is generally around 20 cm shorter than its American counterpart. These beds are also thinner at 16 cm compared to 20 cm in America. The European king size bed is again larger than its American counterpart with a mattress that is an average of 22 cm thicker than an Australian king size bed. The Japanese tatami is also a king size mattress, but its average thickness of 25 cm would be much higher compared to its Western counterparts. They are large enough to accommodate multiple sleepers


Family Bed


These beds are an emerging trend that allows you to easily sleep in a bed with your entire family! Everyone who co-sleeps knows the many benefits of sleeping together with your kids or pets. Sometimes, mattresses aren’t big enough, they don’t permit us to do this. But, with Family Bed, this is not a problem anymore.

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The comfortable beds are available in two sizes and come with two choices, hybrid or gel memory foam. The smaller-sized family bed is 80X120 inches. This is 10-feet wide, as well as 6.67 inches long! The bigger size of the family bed measures 84X144 inches, which makes this mattress 12-foot wide, and seven feet long! Imagine how much sleeping you and your family could get on these amazing, spacious, and comfy beds!


However, be sure to test the bed out before you officially purchase it. You should try lying down on your bed after it has been spread out and check for any uncomfortable areas that have lost their bounce. If you feel as if you are sinking into the mattress, then it’s time to purchase a new one.


How to Measure Bed Size Correctly


While it may seem like you should get the tape ready, the majority of people are missing out on certain aspects in finding the dimensions of the bed. Here are a few ways to help you determine the right bed dimensions.


Begin by measuring the width


To determine the size of your bed first, take out all bedding and other accessories. You’ll require a measuring tape that retracts along with a notebook as well as a pen.

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Begin by putting one end of the tape on the left side of the bed, and then secure it. Pull the tape till you’re on the right side. Take note of the measure. This is the length of your mattress.


Take a measurement of the length


To begin the length, start by putting the tape on the middle of your bed and the tape in place. Then, move the tape to ensure that it is on the bottom of the bed. The length is your mattress.

Make sure that the measurements are for the bed cavity, not from end-to-end to ensure that the mattress can fit snugly onto your mattress.

With the length and measurement of width, you are aware of the size of your bed and select the bed that is best suited to your space.




A family of four would need a queen size bed. These beds will be the most comfortable as they allow everyone to sleep snug and cozy at night. A full size bed may be too small for a clan of four, and a king is more appropriate for couples or parents with children over the age of six. Maybe sooner than you realize, you too will need to purchase mattresses because it’s not always easy to find them in stores.

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