Oklahoma City: A Guide to Getting Around the City 

 August 9, 2021

Oklahoma is one of the entities in the United States that knows how to combine natural attractions with modernity and urbanity, as well as educational tourism and fun. 

Located right in the center of the country, the state offers guests impressive western history, American Indian culture from its more than 39 tribes, and genuine southern charm with rodeos, typical southern food, state parks, museums, rugged mountains, cosmopolitan cities, restaurants upscale, attractive nightlife and more. 

To sort this confusion of where to go, what to see, and what to do. Here’s a complete compilation of Oklahoma City’s best tourist destinations and activities to do. So, pick your destination, make british airways booking in any class and enjoy the most amazing holiday in Oklahoma City.

The Top Things to Do and See in Oklahoma City

Watch the sunset at Lake Hefner Park

Lake Hefner, which was built to help the city with its water shortage years ago, has become a recreational destination for visitors and locals. Out of many activities, fishing has become a popular sport in the area. If fishing isn’t really up to your alley then you can try your hand at boating or even have a blanket and go for a lakeside picnic with family and friends. Spanning over 2,500 acres and not far from the heart of the city, there is plenty to do here while enjoying the great outdoors.

Wichita Mountain Scenic Byway 

It is about 150 kilometers of land where natural beauties abound. A visit to this place must include a tour of the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge, with prairies of rare grassland vegetation, as well as bison, wild turkeys, and elk.

Oklahoma City zoo

It is one of the stellar attractions of the state. It offers its guests diverse ecosystems connected by trails throughout the resort, from the African plains, rainforests, and forests.

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In addition, the zoo offers botanical gardens dating back more than a century with more than 500 animal species, including endangered species and beautiful natural landscapes.

Myriad Botanical Gardens

Myriad Botanical Gardens & Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory

This natural paradise offers an oasis in downtown Oklahoma City, with free spaces and facilities.

During a visit, you can stroll along its dozens of trails, lush gardens, a lake, a children’s play area, an off-leash dog park, waterfalls, and a visitor center.

Inside your Crystal Bridge greenhouse, there are ornamental gardens and plants from two climates: the Humid Tropical Zone and the Dry Tropical Zone, as well as desert plants.

Collectively, the complex is home to more than 750 species spread over more than 15 acres of land.

Route 66

It is a section of the extensive Route 66 that goes from Chicago to Los Angeles, but that crosses the state of Oklahoma diagonally through Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

A few of the star attractions on this stretch include the Route 66 Museum, the Transportation Museum, Catoosa’s Blue Whale, and Tulsa’s Golden Piercer.

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Things to do on your visit to Oklahoma City

See a concert at the Chesapeake Energy Arena

Whether it is basketball games, concerts, or conferences, the Chesapeake Energy Arena use to play host for all. This use to be the location for all the shows that happen to make their stop in Oklahoma City. Centrally located, this central location makes it perfect for touring the city before watching a game or performance. Book your next concert by accessing their easily accessible website and learning more about the services they provide.

Head to the corrals

There is no better representation of southern culture than Corrales. Travel back to the wild and wild west and emerge into a land of cowboys, haystacks, and bulls. Stroll around the side of the city you’ve never seen before and get ready to embrace the old western culture that most people have only seen in movies. From horseback riding to watching the rodeo, there are many activities to participate in.

Immerse yourself in art at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art

On your next visit to Oklahoma City, become part of the 130,000 people who regularly visit the city’s art museum. Exhibitions from around the world show art from a wide variety of cultures, genres, media, and eras. Catch a movie at the main cinema located within the confines of the museum or enjoy a beautiful view from the rooftop terrace after a tour of the museum itself. There is much to discover within the walls of this space.

Immerse yourself in the world of bones at the Museum of Osteology

No educational tour through OKC could be complete without a visit to the curious Museum of Osteology. For those unacquainted with the term, osteology use to be the study of bones. Set free your internal scientist at amongst the largest bone collection exhibitions in the country. With over 300 skeletons on display in a 7000 square foot space, there is much to learn from the surroundings here.


Not many tourists are familiar with the sights in Oklahoma. But the state acting as the anonymous hero actually has more to offer than meets the eye. The aforementioned list is some of the activities that make the Capitol the most exciting place to visit. So, which of these will you visit first for an incredible holiday in Oklahoma City? Plan your getaway with Airlines Vacations and grab some customized packages and deals. Also, do not forget to tell us in the comments below and share your travel stories with us!

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