December 13, 2021

Social Media Analytics is one of the most talked buzzwords in the marketing and technology space, and most brands misunderstand what it means and entails. Social media analytics can gets referred to as a business tool that has become integral in making some of the most critical business decisions. If a brand is not taking advantage of the benefits social media analytics has to offer is losing. It is essential to note that social media refers to a pool of consumers that brands can exploit further as a communication tool for their services and products. What is critical to understand is that social media gets not meant for brands. Still, it’s about people coming together to share their beliefs, feelings and have a common interest in specific issues. Social media can also bring on board persons who have done similar interruptions, and it’s the mandate of a business or a brand to understand and come up with ways of identifying trends through the social media platforms they can exploit. When a brand wants or decides to put all these into play, they have to go a step further and involve social media analytics as part of their business processes. It is particularly eligible in marketing departments and where brands want to create awareness of a new product.

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Like other strategies, social media is one of the best places where brands and companies can meet and connect and greatly benefit from these interactions. The amount of benefit a company reaps depends on brands and marketing departments adhering to and understanding some of the tenets that hold the relationship between consumers and brands. One of the core you must know is that social media focuses on brands first and impression gets a back seat as it comes last. What is essentially necessary is that a brand targeting to exploit the benefits of social media has to offer is that they need to work in harmony in those two aspects. One of the disasters that most businesses face is taking the wrong approach when it comes to their social media strategy. Brands that assume and adopt the brand or business-centered approach in data collection and analytics fall on a dangerous route.

In an essential term, social media listening is an approach that firms and brands can use to collect data from social media sites, preeminent websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and a host of other blogs and forums that form the broader social media platforms. When analyzed, the data collected from these social media platforms get used to creating part of the larger business decision-making, mainly regarding brand awareness and crafting a marketing strategy and industry approach. It’s important to note that social media analytics is way beyond what some refer to as social media monitoring, though they work hand in hand. Social media listening comes with deeper in-depth analysis and social media listening to particular trends.

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Most of the time, most brands mistake confining their data collection to the major social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and forget to capitalize other important platf9orms such as blogs and review sites that are very important in data collection. Any platform that allows users to share insights on their beliefs, feelings, and opinions is part of the larger social media platforms. Brands must devise ways of tapping into these platforms.

It’s essential to note that many brands lose sight of the goal and get lost in the buzz that comes with social media listening. They fail to understand the importance of gathering and collecting data and sieving through the noise to manage quality and the most important and valuable data. Marketing brands must understand the relationship between social data and consumer trends.

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