Improve your exterior lighting with LED flood lights 

 January 3, 2021

Flood lights are to illuminate large outdoor areas, they are extremely bright and powerful luminaires. These are a powerful choice of fixture for playgrounds, fields, construction sites, docks, streets, stadiums, parking garages and outside commercial, residential and industrial buildings.

Outdoor flood lights or external grade flood lights are highly efficient luminaires which can dramatically improve the lighting layout of any exterior.

Here are a few features of LED flood lights which can improve the lighting layout of any exterior they are used in:

High lumen output

Led flood lights have considerably high lumen output i.e, higher brightness level than most traditional light fixtures even at similar wattage rating. The size of the fixture and design variation is independent under a certain range which means two different fixtures of same size can have different lumen output. This feature helps save costs on initial investments on fixtures.

Directional way of lighting

Flood lights provide directional way of lighting as the light fixtures feature cut-off designs which project the light in any desirable direction. There are several cut-off designs which are:

Forward throw

Forward throw flood lights have open angle and they project light outwards and without any restrictions. Most bigger and outdoor flood light fixtures are of this type.

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 LED flood lights

Semi cut-off

Semi cut off flood lights have half the fixture covered while the rest of the fixture projects the light from the open surface.


These flood lights project light either entirely upwards or downwards.

Adjustable beam angle

Flood lights have a wide 0-120 degree beam angle which is adjusted according to the elevation and direction of light. This is a crucial factor as outdoor lights should provide daylight like light but also shouldn’t disrupt any routine activities due to high intensity light.

Mounting options

Slip fitter mount

The flood lights which are positioned on poles are mounted through this option, they allow adjustment with their mounting hardware and angle indicators. Slip fitter mounts can adjust the light in upwards or downwards direction and can also rotate about its axis. It is the most common mounting option for general flood lights.

Trunnion mount

Trunnion mount allows the flood light to fix on a flat surface or ground. It can be tilted up or down and rotate on its vertical axis.

6″ arm mounts

This mounting option is suitable for square poles. It simply aligns the arm mount to holes drilled into the pole and bolts the fixture on the other end.

Motion sensor/ security cameras integration

Flood lights are super bright which is why in most exteriors they are employed as security or search lights. They are also integrated with photocells which automatically switch off when sun is out and switch back on at sunset hours.

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Motion sensors and security cameras improve security as the light powers up as soon as the sensors detect any movement and the camera records it. These kinds of lights are of most use in residential, commercial or industrial areas to avoid any accidents or intruders.

Energy efficient

LED flood lights are highly energy efficient despite their high intensity light output and usage of up to 8-12 hours daily. The added benefit of safety which makes them resilient to environmental damage adds to their efficiency and lifespan.

LEDs, unlike most traditional lamps, have better light output at low power consumption. Most of the energy is utilised in creating light and only 5-10% of it is wasted as heat. Not just this, LEDs have built-in aluminum heat-sink which efficiently dissipate heat from the back of the fixture so the fixture remains cool most of the time.

LED flood lights allow adjustment of light under a specific range of temperature and colour. They are available in warm and cool colour tones measured on Kelvin scale and have a CRI above 80 which imparts better colour and reduces glare which causes eye-strain or accidents in open or busy spaces.

In many ways LED flood lights strikingly improve the exterior lighting at a very economical rate and it is the reason why they are actively endorsed as a much effective replacement for traditional lamps.

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