Important Guidelines to Follow for Split AC Installation Phoenix, AZ! 

 July 8, 2021

Installing an air conditioner is not a simple job for it requires proper training and qualifications. If the installation job is not done properly, then it will not give optimum cooling.

It will also cause frequent maintenance problems like leakage, low efficiency, or sometimes parts replacements. This is the reason it is mandatory to call only the professional AC installation Phoenix, for air conditioner installation.

Apart from trusting the professionals for the installation job, you must also have some knowledge and information, so that you are well-prepared beforehand.

  • Wall Strength to Hold the AC

This is a crucial process, which you must take into account before the installation process. If the wall is not strong enough to hold the air conditioner, then it will cause other problems.

It will also lead to cracks in the walls and the unit will loosen itself, causing major repairing problems and replacements. It is also dangerous to fix weak walls for fear of unfavoured situations.

  • Proper Spacing between AC and the Wall

The unit requires a minimum of 15 cm of free space circling the sides and top for better and efficient airflow.

  • Right Installation Height from Ground

The height from the ground to the unit must at least be 7-8 feet for proper cooling in the room. This is the minimum measurement for the air conditioner installation to avoid all kinds of repairs and damages.

  • Correct Location of Outdoor and Indoor Unit

The best location considered for air conditioner installation is any place away from direct water and sunlight. The outdoor unit must be installed in free space for smooth and efficient operation. Nothing must be placed near the unit which includes furniture, or any objects, as most of the time, homeowners dump their things near the outdoor unit.

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Even the plants and grass must be trimmed near the unit so that nothing gets into the unit. The outdoor unit must be placed a little higher than the ground level, like the raised brick or cement platform, in case of water stagnation. If the surface of the unit is not flat, then there will be an excessive vibration which would result in coolant leakage, compressor/condenser damage, copper pipes breakage, and more.

And for the indoor unit, do not fix it at the back of the door or under direct sunlight, to avoid unit damage.

  • Perfect Tilt Angle

The air conditioners are not installed straight, but with a slight tilting position. This is to assure the unrestricted flow of condensed water into the drainpipe.

  • Right Distance Between the Outdoor Unit and Indoor Unit

The distance between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit plays a very important role in the entire cooling process. The coolant passes through the copper tubes at a very low temperature between the outdoor and indoor units.

When the refrigerant is flown in-between the unit, some of the cooling is lost during the process. Therefore, to prevent and reduce the loss, the distance between the outdoor unit and indoor unit is kept as small as possible. The maximum distance allowed for the units is 15 meters.

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It is also very important to invest in very good quality copper pipes, so there is no loss of cooling in any way.

These are the things you must be familiar with for the installation process. But what about the AC professionals? What to expect from them? The answer is simple. The professionals of the best air conditioning installation Phoenix will start with the following procedures.

  • The professionals will make sure the duct is free from all obstructions and repair the damage before they start with the installation process.
  • They will clear the path where the installation will take place, to avoid damage to the property.
  • They will also place a sheet or cover the things near the unit so that it does not cause much dirt while installing the unit.
  • The AC experts must be professional and will represent the company with their uniforms and ID cards.
  • They will be fully prepared to crawl in spaces and inspect the basement and attacks so that no obstruction is caused while installing the unit.

If you want to experience the best AC installation service, then contact Morehart AC. They have the best and well-trained technicians, where 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed.  Call 623-323-9865 for more information.

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