Being in love with someone is a very special feeling which everyone should experience once in life. It feels very good to marry a specific person whom you love so much from a very long period of time. It gives your feeling of satisfaction and a kind of blessing which very few people receive in their life. It feels very good to get love by someone who treats you unconditionally in every kind of situation. You might go crazy when you talk to them and when you are Spending quality time with them but at the end it’s all about creating beautiful memories and feeling of love and bond between each other. If you want to get married a specific person then you have come to the right place because today we will give you a very powerful and special tour which will help you to get married to the person of your choice.


Dua to get married to the person you love

If you are someone who believe in first sight love and want to get married to that person as soon as possible then it is believed that you have created a very strong and emotional feeling for them and you can do anything to be with them. You can spend the rest of your life happily with that person no matter how bad or good they treats you. It is a matter of whole life creating beautiful memories and understanding with each other by discussing the thoughts and feelings to each other in a long period of time. Sometimes the family pressure and conditions becomes obstacle in your marriage and you are unable to express your feelings and love for each other to the people around you. But today, after reciting this Dua you will be able to express your emotions in a better way so that the people around you will understand the depth of your love clearly. Just follow the instructions mentioned below to read the dua.

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Steps to perform

Clean your place and make a fresh wuzu before making dua.

Now read surah ikhlas 33 times and remember the Face of the person whom you want to marry.

Now clean your hand and wash your face with warm water and eat a sweet dish in the end.


How to convince a person to get married

You need to perform so many certain things To convince a specific person with whom you want to get married. You need to show your commitment and dedication towards the person in a very beautiful way. You need to express your emotional feelings, love And care towards the person with the help of a regular conversation. You need to also impressed the people around them and their family so that they can help you and support you in the process of marriage. Getting married soon is not an easy task, but if your intentions are clear, then Allah will help you and support you by showering blessing, love and care on you and your family.

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