How To Choose Medical Gloves? 

 August 22, 2022

An essential part of personal protection equipment is a pair of medical gloves. They are made to assist in stopping the transmission of diseases. The medical gloves are single-use, disposable items. These gloves are utilized in medical procedures or labs. However, there are several medical gloves, all of which are various materials. Now, the question arises, which one should you go for?


What type of gloves you require is determined by several elements, including the materials you handle, the tasks you complete, and any allergies you may have.


Below is the guide that will determine how to choose the medical gloves.


Types Of Medical Gloves

Latex Gloves

The first kind is disposable latex gloves, which are made of natural rubber. Latex gloves offer a high degree of tactile sensitivity and are incredibly comfortable to wear. This is the reason why many medical professionals like using these gloves. When using precise instruments, most surgeons prefer to use latex gloves. Latex gloves are appropriate for handling water-based materials or shielding the wearer from infections.


Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are comprised of synthetic rubber and are likewise disposable. Medical professionals also favor these gloves since they protect the person from chemical and biological substances. Whenever you buy nitrile gloves, always check the manufacturer’s list of permitted substances before purchasing to find out just how much protection you have. That is why always buy from a certified medical nitrile examination gloves manufacturer. Nitrile gloves typically handle acids, bases, oil, alcohol and other liquids.

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Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are called polyvinyl chloride gloves. These gloves are made of a plastic material that contains salt and ethylene. These gloves are preferred for short-term use and work best in low-hazard situations. Vinyl gloves protect from infectious pathogens when employees conduct low-risk duties. These gloves can withstand acids, bases, fats, and oils. If puncture resistance and durability are not significant considerations, this glove material is a less expensive option than latex or nitrile.


Chloroprene gloves


Another name for these gloves is neoprene gloves, and they are made up of synthetic rubber. These disposable gloves are more recent and replicate the feel of latex without potential dangers.


Apart from these gloves, there is another set of gloves known as Teflon gloves, or you can say ptfe gloves. These gloves are heat resistant and resistant to fat and oil. When dealing with hot equipment, these gloves real come in handy. However, it is recommended that, since these gloves are essential for safety purposes, you must only get them from the best ptfe sheet manufacturer.


The Properties Of Medical Gloves


As you have seen, there are different types of gloves, and different gloves have different properties. That is why it is essential that you must look out for certain things when buying gloves, in the same way when you buy a medical injection. When purchasing an injection, you look out for the quality and usage, and you can get it from a medical plastic injection molding company. The same principle applies when to medical gloves too.

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Keep the below points in mind when you are shopping for medical gloves.


Fitting Of The Gloves

Any medical glove you decide on should fit comfortably and correctly. If your gloves are overly big, dangerous substances could quickly get inside them. Additionally, holding objects and tools will be challenging for you. Similarly, if the gloves are too small, they will be tight and uncomfortable for you. It’s crucial to have the appropriate sizes available as a result.



Obviously, you would want your gloves to be used for a longer period. Regardless of the gloves, you select, they should be durable enough to withstand tasks without tearing. You might use nitrile or latex gloves if you want durable gloves. They fit nicely and are pretty comfortable.


High Tactile Sensitivity

High tactile sensitivity is necessary for medical procedures requiring accuracy and the ability to feel through the glove. Gloves made of rubber are ideal in this situation. The latex gloves are the best if you need to handle little objects or feel with your hands. However, if latex is not an option, chloroprene and nitrile gloves come the closest to latex.


Allergy risks

Using latex gloves might cause allergic reactions in certain people. These allergic reactions can vary from severe reactions to mild irritability. It could result from coming into close touch with latex. So, if you have a  latex allergy, you can choose nitrile or vinyl gloves. You could try using latex gloves that have been treated to lessen the allergic reaction.

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You should take into account every significant factor when selecting medical gloves. When it comes to reducing risk, the glove’s characteristics are essential. For every circumstance and task, there is a medical glove. Before purchasing, decide what features you require and review the product’s specifications.


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