How to calculate ROI using Investment Calculator? 

 July 30, 2021

In the last few months, everyone’s tolerance level for uncertainty has been reached or rather breached. People have started to ensure good health and right after that, comes what’s dearest to them; that is, their money. Management of money has become more prudent in times of sudden pay-cuts and layoffs. This calls for good investments and that brings us back to the need of people for uncertainty. 

This is where digitalization helps provide reassurance by giving transparent indicative predictions to users. For example, the FD calculator by Bajaj Finserv allows individuals to calculate how much their investment will give back in the future. The reason this calculator is better than your manual method of using an excel sheet or home calculator is not only the speed but a variety of reasons. 

In today’s day and age, it has become rather common for people to factor in terms like inflation and compounding while making an investment. As much as people know that they must invest, they have a plethora of options and that can be confusing without a tool as helpful as an investment calculator. 

A lump sum amount is invested at the start, which is followed by regular contributions. An investment calculator takes into account the regular contributions added to the initial investment. It also requires the expected rate of return and the investment tenure to generate the value of the total investment after the tenure. An investment calculator also gives the breakup of the investment over the years. The initial investment, the contributions and the total value of the investment in the final year.

An investment calculator makes investing easy. Investing helps you achieve life goals like children’s education and marriage in a disciplined way. Saving money regularly is not enough to create wealth in an era of rising inflation. Investing for the long term can help you create wealth and live a stress-free life.

Why Bajaj Finance’s Investment calculator?

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It is a free online tool, which is of immense help for potential investors. Achieving life goals requires a large set of funds. Some people dream of owning a house, while others plan to buy a car. Buying a house or a car requires a substantial amount of money, which cannot be accumulated in a short time. Investment calculator ensures that one has a clear idea of the types of investment and the time required to reach the particular life goal. The Bajaj Investment Calculator is a free, user-friendly ROI calculator that requires minimal input, but provides comprehensive information on different aspects of the investment. The Bajaj Investment Calculator helps in various ways: 

Determining the AmountFactoring in several variablesGives estimated value
The resources at the disposal of a common man are limited. Even though one wants to invest in the best of the investment options, affordability often becomes an issue. Before opting for an investment option, it is important to know if one can pay the periodic contributions without fail. The Bajaj Investment Calculator helps in estimating the amount that has to be paid regularly to accumulate the required corpus. Without the exact knowledge of the outgo, it is not possible to opt for an investment option. Investment decisions are not made in a day. Before committing to an investment, one has to take a hard look at the proposal. Without a return calculator, it is not possible to determine the future worth of the investment. The Bajaj Investment Calculator takes into account various factors like the expected rate of return and the duration of the investment to provide the final value of the investment at the end of the tenure.The Bajaj Investment Calculator requires minimal information but provides invaluable output. An investment option would lose its meaning if the investor does not know the final value of the investment. Life goals are decided by the total value of an investment at the end of the tenure. The total value of investment determines if a life goal will be achieved or not. The Bajaj Investment Calculator generates the estimated value of an investment after the certain number of years. It helps in determining the amount of investment required to achieve a life goal.

Hence, investing is now easy; just need to visit Bajaj Finance.

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