How much does a loan agent get as a commission?     

 March 29, 2022

A loan DSA agent is the loan direct selling agent. The professional works with non-banking financial institutions also known as NBFCs. A loan DSA agent comprehends the exact needs of an individual and suggests to them the most suitable loan product from an NBFC. The role of a loan DSA agent is crucial. The expert acts as a mediator and assists one in completing all the documentation as well as administrative formalities. A Loan DSA Agent in return for its services gets a commission from the NBFC.

As a loan DSA agent one can get access to umpteen opportunities. Right from a wide knowledge pool, information and market know-how one gets a chance to build strong contacts. One can form a network and channel the same to earn regular income.

The key responsibilities of a loan DSA agent

  1. Forming leads: One of the key responsibilities of a loan DSA agent is to find the correct leads. Scouting the correct lead is crucial. One needs to employ an array of techniques and media to reach a lead. Several tactics such as cold calling are often used by Loan DSA agents. Some Loan DSA agents also collaborate with NBFC and a data selling company to get the data of people looking out for loans.


A Loan DSA Agent constantly stays in touch with the prospective lender. The professional explains various loan products, interest rates, benefits, terms and conditions and so on. After this, the lead is then transferred to the NBFC.

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Here, the employees of the financial institutions will complete the administrative process and close the deal. Once the deal is closed, a commission is given to the Loan DSA Agent. The % of loan commission is dependent on various factors such as loan amount, type of loan, loan tenure and much more. Usually, a loan DSA agent can earn 2.5% and more commission on loans.


  1. Assistance: As a loan DSA agent one needs to have a uniform approach. They need to be transparent and unbiased. A loan DSA agent suggests the most appropriate and best loan product to a lender. Apart from this, a loan DSA assists the lender throughout the process. Right from collating documentation to checking the credit score, everything is handled by the loan DSA agent. A loan DSA Agent is a bridge between the lender and the NBFC.


  1. Suggestions and Advice: A loan DSA agent must have impeccable knowledge about the finance sector. The professional must be acquainted with various loan products, types, interest rates, eligibility criteria, foreclosure process, the loan process and much more.

    They must advise and suggest loan products that suit the needs of a lender. Moreover, a loan DSA agent should employ a practical approach and suggest correct loan products to a client.


  1. Communication: communication is the key! As an expert one must encourage clear and crisp communication always. One must have a transparent communication process. There should be two-way communication between both parties. If there is any concern or query of the client, the loan DSA agent must be able to present it correctly to the NBFC and convey the solution to the client.
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 Loan DSA and their Commission

A loan DSA Agent gets commission against loans from the NBFC. Following are the types of loans and approximate general commission rate offered to a loan DSA agent.

  1. Business and Personal Loan: On business and personal loans, a loan DSA agent is given a commission of 1.5 -2%. The commission is paid to an agent post the first disbursal of the loan.
  2. Loan on Property: For loan against property a Loan DSA agent gets a commission of 0.3% on the loan contract under 1 cr. For a loan above 1 cr, one may get a commission of 0.5%.
  3. Home loan: A loan DSA agent gets a commission of around 0.2- 0.25% on home loans.
  4. Gold and car loan: The commission on gold and car loan ranges from 0.2-0.3%

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