History of KBC lottery winner    

 September 21, 2021

KBC Lottery is a show which was represented by India all over the world. That show was directed by Arun Sheshkumar. Amitab Bachan was selected as the host of KBC. He hosted 1ST and 2nd seasons of KBC continuously. Then the 3rd season was hosted by Shahrukh Khan.

First Winner of KBC lottery

Harshvardhan Nawathe was the first winner of KBC lottery. In 2000 he won the prize. He won 1 caror rupees by giving the right answer of the Amitab Bachans question. She said in his interview that Amitab asked me about my personal make-up.

2nd winner of KBC lottery

Babita Tade from Maharashtra was the 2nd winner of this show. She cook’s khichdi for the student. And she loves her passion.

The S.P of police who won KBC lottery

In 2001 Ravi Mohan Saini of KBC junior who won the prize of one carore. He was S.p in police. He was 14 years old when he was selected in IPS post in Indian police. He was in 10th class. When he was selected and won the prize. His 1st posting was in Gujarat. As the show rule he earned the money after 4 years because it was the show rule That 18 year old man can take prize. He had received round about 70 lakh.

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The Benefits of KBC

These are some advantages of KBC….

  • First of all KBC helps the poor people.
  • It can increase our knowledge
  • It provides the platform for those people who are poor but intelligent.
  • By this prize you can study if you are ignorant then you can use it in your business.
  • If you are a former than you can use it for yours forming.

Disadvantages of KBC lottery

This is the 2nd side of image. Everything which gives benefits it gives also the disadvantages. These are some disadvantages are given……

  • First of all many people have lost their money by fake people.
  • Because it provide the platform to the fake people. They call the people and earn the money.
  • Many people who did not clarify that these people are fraud are original.
  • The Fraudster said the people that they send him money or give the account detail or password then they hack their account.
  •  They send a message of incorrect lottery number. Because they did not know the original lottery number.

If the customers have any fake message then they can call our head office for verifying. The customers who are confused can receive accurate information about KBC lottery winner by our online portal.

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The facility of providing ticket at home

If you want to take your ticket at your home then you can call our helpline. We provide the facility of home delivery. You can call our helpline 24. And we hope we will help you.

How we can easily won the KBC lottery?

By this you can win KBC lottery easily

  • If you have a sim card with the Indian network and join KBC lottery.
  • It will be sure that the mobile number is an active. The sim card can be used in any mobile company.
  • You can easily win the KBC lottery if you recharge your account daily.
  • If the customer has more than one sim cards and all sim cards can be registered in KBC lottery. Then the chance of this customer is 80_ 90-percent to win the KBC lottery.

When KBC lottery takes place?

KBC lottery takes place on the end of working day of each month.

When the results of KBC lottery publish

On the 1st and 2nd date of each month the results of KBC lottery are announced.

Preventive measure to avoid from the fraud people

These are some preventive measure to avoid from the fraud people……

  • The fraud people almost use fake internet generated number which starts with +92 or 0092 etc.
  • We did not need to know any sensitive information about you and your family.
  • KBC have its own headquarters to deal with these people.
  • Fake people will give you an incorrect lottery number. You can check KBC lottery number by online portal.
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