Hair Colouring in Sydney: 8 Key Tips for Success 

 July 3, 2021

Your hair is a reflection of your personality and style, and a fresh colour elevates your look, boosts your mood, and increases your confidence. Even though it’s “just hair,” everyone knows it’s more than that.

Whether your objective is to feel younger, make a statement, or start fresh, changes to your hair can significantly impact your life. Take it seriously and be prepared before your salon visit. Here is a list of 8 key tips to make your next hair colouring Sydney appointment a success.

1. Get Inspired

If you have no clue what you want to do with your hair, get inspired with some internet browsing. Social media is a great place to start. Check out pictures of friends and society trendsetters on Instagram for some ideas.

Pinterest is also a fantastic resource for discovering fresh trends in hair colour: create a board with all your favourite looks. An internet search for trending hair colour will give you a rainbow of options. Also, consider using the old-school method of inspiration: magazines.

There’s something immensely satisfying about turning actual pages to see what contemporary models and celebrities are doing to their hair.

Hair Colouring in Sydney: 8 Key Tips for Success

2. Consider Your Lifestyle

The more vivid the colour, the more complicated the upkeep. Bright tones like silvers and reds tend to fade quickly. To maintain that vibrant colour or if you need colour correction in Sydney, you will need frequent salon visits for touch-ups.

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If your lifestyle is too busy to keep up this commitment, you may want to consider balayage or ombre, which grow out and fade more gracefully. You should also consider how frequently you wash your hair: more frequent shampoos can fade your hair faster.

3. Don’t Shampoo First

Unless your stylist directs you otherwise, plan to wash your hair 24-48 hours before your appointment for hair colouring Sydney, not the day of. Your scalp’s natural oils act as a protective barrier during the chemical processing, so you don’t want to strip those out with shampoo before your appointment.

4. Leave it Natural

Don’t do any extra styling before your appointment. Your hair in its natural state is important so your stylist can work with any waves or curls to maximise the effect of the colour. Changing the shape of your hair with styling tools also changes the way the lights and shadows reflect, impacting the colour choices and placements.

5. Bring a Photo

A picture is worth a thousand words. There are hundreds of shades of “auburn,” so it’s best to show your colourist exactly what you mean. Bring a photo so you are both working from the same page.

Better yet, share your Pinterest board so your stylist can see exactly what you like, and possibly blend some of your favourites to give you a fresh look that is uniquely yours.

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6. Have Realistic Expectations

Don’t expect your finished product to look just like your inspiration picture; remember that every person’s hair has a different texture and varying natural colours. Look at that picture as your fantasy colour.

Your stylist can give you a reality check by telling you what’s possible and how many sessions are needed. Based on your natural hair and your history of colour, one salon visit may not be sufficient to get what you want. Going from dark brown to blonde often requires 3-5 sittings, depending on the shade. If the colour turns out much different than you expect, remember that colour correction Sydney is always an option.

7. Protect Your Colour

Your hair will want to be babied a bit after chemical processing. If you do a lot of blow-drying, curling, or straightening, you may want to tone that down a bit after your colouring appointment. Choose shampoos and conditioners that are specifically formulated to maintain coloured hair.

Also remember that sun will affect your colour, bleaching it out and dulling the vibrant hues you paid big bucks for. If you’re the beachy type, you’ll want to wear a hat or invest in some protective sunscreen for your hair.

8. Plan for Maintenance

Ask your stylist about upkeep prior to your actual hair colouring. The amount of time you will need to go between appointments to maintain your hair will vary according to several factors.

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Ombre or balayage styles can go for months without a touch-up, whereas blonde colour on natural black hair will require a visit every couple of weeks.

Hair colouring is an investment in yourself. Be sure to plan for it to maximise the results – you won’t regret it!

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