Guaranteed Motivational Tips For Students 

 March 16, 2022

Do you constantly struggle while motivating your students while online teaching? Motivational quotes for students can only work so much as making them think about it, but will it put them into the action of actually reviving their life due to the motivation provided? Don’t worry, it is common for parents and teachers to doubt their motivational skills. In this blog, we get to learn how you can discipline your students, teach them to be successful without sounding controlling and bossy.


  • It’s about the process and not the outcome


Constantly talking to your students about the importance of good grades will not help them because the simple thought of getting good grades translates to studying endlessly and staying up nights.


Instead, teach them to master their skills. If they learn from you that the process of learning to master mathematics is practicing every day, and you show them the joy of practicing every day because you’re working hard towards a dream, they will also find joy in it. There is no better motivation than the idea of having immense knowledge on a certain something that you are interested in.


  • Discuss the various benefits of studying not for good grades, but simply to know. This will not happen unless they question things.
  • Allow them to express their aspirations openly. Listen to their commands suggest to their application-based ways in which they can gear up to accomplish their goals. Having a clear goal and path in mind is motivation enough for them, even better than motivational quotes for students.
  • Help them gather the resources using which they can achieve their goals, and explain the rewarding career paths that lie in front of them.
  • Acknowledge their efforts and praised their hard work.
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  • Support interests


Some students are taught a lesson that no one in the world is going to help you out, listen to you, and care for you and hence you must do it for yourself. Take expert advice, and don’t do that. Research says that there is much more power in optimism than pessimism. When students learn to value the importance of being only for themselves, they fail to create a positive environment. They cannot motivate themselves and others too.


However, when positive values are taught to them early on, and people take a keen interest in their creativity levels, they learn to do the same for others. This world can be a better place if we learn to be kind towards ourselves, and teach kindness to others similarly. As a parent and teacher, it must start with your children.


  • Respect their autonomy


Your students are still on the path of becoming complete adults. They will discover and rediscover themselves at various points of time in their life. In the way of becoming someone, they find themselves in the rigid shackles of routine life. This demotivates them.


A schedule is not wrong, it is the rigidity and flexibility that matters truly. You have to respect the autonomy of your students, given the set of rules that are present and online teaching, and at home. allow them to have some free time where they can choose what they can do, this will promote proper decision-making skills too. After all, learning from experience is the best kind of learning!

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  • A clear path of communication


Listening is the most important part to establish a clear line of communication between you and your students. Online teaching has unfortunately deteriorated this line because you cannot have real-time expressions and reactions while addressing a student.


However, by practicing active listening, and giving them your complete attention, you encourage them to open up. Understand that they simply want to be heard without being judged. When students have sudden behavioral problems, it can be an indication of the lack of motivation to have a good social life. You must encourage them to open up, and also advise friendly tips for the parents to take care of the situation at home too.


  • Promote good habits


Not the simple good habits such as eating, exercising regularly, and having enough sleep. All of this promotes motivating them because they have an idea that their lifestyle is healthy enough, therefore their academic life should also be the same.


Promote even complex good habits such as revising topics after a class is over so that they are eager to know about what is to be taught in the next class. This is a productive way of motivating because they are not only willing to learn more but also are thorough with previously taught topics.

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