Exciting Ideas for Your Next Big Online Corporate Event 

 June 11, 2021

It’s easier to start a conversation or make an impression on an audience at a party. You get the chance to mingle and ensure everyone’s glass is always full. However, hosting an online event is entirely different from a conventional one. Not only are all eyes on you, but they’re also expecting you to impress them. If you’re under scrutiny, you may fumble once or twice, but don’t let it get to you.

Remember, technology can be a massive asset if you learn to navigate it properly. It means if you can host an online event, use all the tools at your disposal to create an exciting event. Through this article, we will guide you on the must-haves of your online corporate event. Before you know it, you will be a legend in the industry for throwing such a memorable event. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Keep a Virtual Concert

Musical performances make for an exciting and fun virtual event. There are numerous agencies online that dedicate themselves to holding concerts and events that keep the audience engaged.

So all you need to do is find agencies who can connect you to reliable resources and hire the celebrities you wish would perform. After which, all you need to do is set the mood and let the music wash over your essential guests with exciting visuals leaving them with a great experience.

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Exciting Ideas for Your Next Big Online Corporate Event

2. Hire a Magician

Magic tricks are still in trend and will remain for decades to come. However, magic tricks now are more sophisticated and engaging than previous old-school shows.

When you hire a talented and professional magician, you can rest well, knowing they know how to connect with the audience. Magic tricks are more than making a pigeon appear out of thin air.

Most magicians come to set a theme, create an environment, and begin their high-level optical illusion. Also, they have far more liberty doing it virtually than in person. However, this is one event you should look into booking for the night.

3. Cooking Classes

One of the significant drawbacks of virtual events is the lack of social contact. Food brings people closer. When you give them a chance to watch food or an exciting drink get created, you feel connected with those around you with whom you observed the event.

It may sound unusual, but it is a great way to bring people close. You can ensure your guests get a cooking kit at home and make sure the chat is enabled so while they’re cooking, they can laugh and share cooking anecdotes. Ultimately, you bring an exciting activity into the mix. You may also allowed your guests to bond and learn.

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4. Have a Trivia Night

Trivia is fun and exciting. If the questions come from various subjects that integrate entertainment with corporate sector knowledge, you may have won an event. You can also include gifts and prizes that contestants can compete for, heightening their sense of competition.

After all, who doesn’t like an opportunity to show off their skills and knowledge and receive a public acknowledgment? You can also hire a professional who can act as the emcee knowing how to control the audience and indulgently ask questions. Don’t forget to set a theme and design filters that work well with the trivia.

5. Team Movie Night

Why not allow your corporate event to be a relaxing one? One of the most relaxing activities to do is watch a movie. You can create a poll to help you narrow down a genre and then using the internet. You can pick out any classic film and let it play.

Watching movies with your team and people you share an office space with can give you pleasant memories. After all, not everyone wants a lively corporate event full of music and fun. Some team members may be looking forward to relaxing, having conversations, and winding down from work. Since everyone will be attending from the comfort of their home, it adds points to a warm and pleasant ambiance and a great night.

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6. Do a Social Media Challenge

You can use your corporate event to be a trendsetter. Social media challenges are prevalent. An example of one of the most popular challenges was the ALS ice bucket challenge to help raise awareness on ALS. You need to figure out what task people can do that is both easy yet daring.

Once you have a list in mind, encourage your office workers, including the bosses, to participate and start a trend. You can edit and put them up online with good videos, beginning a chain reaction of people watching. You are getting the internet involved in a new trend, and you’re also giving your company more exposure. You never know who may find your organization’s laid-back environment favorable enough to join or invest.

7. Keep a Virtual Gala

Galas make for an exciting corporate event. Who doesn’t like getting dressed up and looking their best on gorgeous dresses and sharp suits? The perk of holding a gala online is people are at liberty to mix and match their style. They can always wear a lovely gown on top of their pajamas, and no one would ever know.

However, you can also capture a gala event by sending them a gala care package. It may include a box of appetizers and light meals with a complimentary bottle of wine that doesn’t go bad during delivery. You can even hold online gala games such as raffles and lotteries as you do in an actual gala. Make sure that you treat this as a formal event and try to bring the gala home.

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8. Speed Networking

Corporate events are also an excellent platform to make and cultivate connections. Think of this like speed dating. It would help if you allowed attendees in private chat rooms for a short time, letting them talk to potential investors and make a connection. After a short while, rotate these chatrooms. It ensures that attendees get familiar with each other and make as many connections as possible.

Online chat rooms are quick and engaging. People get to decide whether they want to chat with a microphone or shoot each other messages on the chatbox. So, this essentially removes nervousness and social anxiety elements and gives people the space they need to explore business prospects. Some chat rooms also allow business card exchanging and retain information online. So if you feel like an attendee could use a follow-up, they can quickly check in and meet business personnel again.

Wrap Up

Corporate events allow different people in this sector to relax and create new connections. However, after the pandemic, there is a demand in holding these events online while maximizing the number of people attending. There is much you can do online.

With suitable filters, an excellent camera, and showcasing the event from different angles, you can create an exciting party. You can also keep events such as movie nights, hire magicians, and keep traditional activities alive. Once you successfully run your first major corporate event, it is only a matter of time for people to come back for more.

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