Excessive Sweating: Treatment Tips 

 October 7, 2021

With a slight rise in temperature, a lot of us start to sweat, which is normal. But for some people, it isn’t normal when they start to sweat excessively. It can get embarrassing and disturbing at the same time.


Wearing baggy clothes, turning on the air conditioner, and drinking lots of water can help temporarily. But there are certainly other ways and methods that one can follow to get rid of excessive sweating.


According to the doctors of the top Hospitals, this condition of heavy sweating is called hyperhidrosis. There are a lot of ways including medical treatments to combat this. Some of the proven tips and techniques are mentioned below;


Apply Antiperspirant


The easiest and most used way to tackle excessive sweating is by using an antiperspirant.  These when applied block the sweat glands. This means that the sweat glands do sweat, but the sweat doesn’t reach the surface of the skin.


Deodorants contain fragrances that mask the smell of sweat caused by the bacteria produced while sweating. These don’t prevent sweating. However, there are a number of antiperspirants that contain deodorants. Most of them contain aluminum salts.


For best results try and keep your underarms clean and shaved. Apply antiperspirants after taking a shower. Apply it not only in day time but also at night, if possible, because the ingredients in the antiperspirant take time to block the sweat ducts.

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Keep in mind that antiperspirants are not only made for use in the underarms. These can be applied on hands, feet, and even on other parts of the body. Antiperspirants for the forehead are also available in the market.


Wear Breathable Fabrics


The best way to control excessive sweating is by altering your choice of clothing. Try and wear clothing that is breathable, has a light fabric, and has good ventilation.  Lighter colors can be very cool to wear. These stop the sun rays from getting absorbed, unlike darker shades. White is the best color to wear if you want to keep cool and avoid sweating.


Avoid Certain Foods


To save yourself from embarrassment in a social gathering or an office meeting, avoid foods that cause you to sweat. Don’t consume spicy food as it makes the body react in a way it reacts to any other form of heat. You start to sweat.


The same thing is with caffeine. Avoid using caffeine or maybe make its use a little less. Consumption of caffeine stimulates the adrenal glands and these causes sweat on palms, feet, and underarms.



Medical Treatments


If using the above-mentioned techniques doesn’t help you can get these treatments done as they are proven to be highly helpful.

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During this treatment, you sit with your hands and feet dipped in a shallow tray for about 20 to 30 minutes. A low electrical current pass through the water. Experts believe that this can block your sweat glands and stop you from sweating.


You need to take 2 to 3 sessions from the doctor. Afterward, you can buy your own machine and continue with the treatment at home.




Another treatment highly helpful is getting injections of botulinum toxin (a botox). This is the same medicine that is used for wrinkles. A lot of doctors do use this on your underarms. However, this is now used in controlling excessive sweating in hands and feet too.


Botox works by preventing the chemical release that causes the sweat glands to cause sweat. Botox helps immensely with excessive sweating and the effects can help you out for a good year.


Anticholinergic Drugs


When you are done trying antiperspirants, iontophoresis, and even botox your doctor might recommend anticholinergic drugs. These drugs can stop the sweat glands from producing extra sweat.


These drugs are not for everyone as they can have side effects such as blurred vision, dry mouth, and difficulty in peeing.

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Final Thoughts


Sweating is a completely natural process and comes with a purpose. Do not panic if you’re sweating more than usual. Visit your doctor and get it treated like you treat other issues and conditions.


For some people these treatments do nothing so, they can get it treated by opting for the option of surgery.


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