Evolution’s Asia Exclusive Partner Introduces 96M, a Revolutionary Gaming Platform 

 December 5, 2022

Introduction: What is the Problem of Blockchain Gaming?

What is the Problem of Blockchain Gaming?

Problem of Blockchain Gaming

Introduction: There are many reasons why blockchain gaming is a promising industry. The most significant one is that it enables players to own their in-game assets and not just be restricted by the game developers.

The blockchain technology has been a key factor in the success of online gaming. It allows people to trade virtual goods, use decentralized servers and create games with transparent rules and fair distribution.

What is the Solution to Gaming on Blockchain?

Blockchain technology has been around for a while now. It is often used to make transactions more secure, but it also has the potential to disrupt the gaming industry.

The blockchain technology is a public ledger that keeps track of every transaction made on it. This is what makes it so special because users don’t have to trust a third party like banks and credit card companies.

The blockchain can also be used to create unique digital games that are not owned by any single company and cannot be copied or changed by anyone else.

96M is the Solution to Blockchain Gaming

With the help of blockchain technology, we are able to revolutionize the gaming industry and provide a new level of entertainment.

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The 96M is a blockchain-based platform that is revolutionizing the gaming industry. It allows players to enjoy games in a whole new way, while also providing them with exclusive content.

The 96M provides gamers with an all-inclusive experience – from game development to marketing and distribution – that’s never been done before!

How 96M Makes Its Platform More Efficient Than Existing Solutions

96M, a blockchain game platform, is more efficient than existing solutions. 96M is a decentralized game platform that provides a high-quality gaming experience to players.

96M has taken the approach of solving the problems of existing platforms through blockchain technology and instead of focusing on one type of game, they offer all types of games. This approach allows them to be more efficient than other platforms because they don’t have to be limited by the games that are available for their users.

96M was founded in 2018 by six team members with backgrounds in game development, marketing and business management. They wanted to create a platform that would be more accessible, easy-to-use and would allow developers to get their idea off the ground without having to worry about any technicalities involved with developing on other platforms like Unity or Unreal.

What Can You Do with 96M’s Blockchain Game Development Platform?

A blockchain game development platform is a service that helps in creating games on the blockchain. It is a game development platform that provides all the necessary tools for building and managing games. In addition, it also provides a marketplace where developers can sell their games and players can buy them.

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96M’s Blockchain Game Development Platform offers developers with a host of features like gamification, tokenization, and blockchain integration. It also provides them with an interface to easily manage their games on the blockchain.

The platform enables developers to create decentralized games which are secured by smart contracts. This helps in eliminating frauds and cheating from the gaming world and ensures fair play for all players.

The company has raised $10 million from different investors like Sequoia Capital, BlueYard Capital, etc., which speaks volumes about its credibility as well as its potential to transform the gaming industry

Why Choose 96M’s Game Development Platform over Competitor Solutions?

What makes 96M’s game development platform the best alternative for ai-rich games is that it allows developers to build their own games and monetize them.

At 96M, the end user can create a game but also sell it on the platform. This is different from other blockchain game development platforms that require developers to build their own games.

The main difference between our platform and other alternatives is that we allow users to create their own games and monetize them through our in-house gaming ecosystem.

Conclusion: Why Not Develop Your Next Blockbuster With 96M and Revolutionize Entertainment on Blockchain

You can use blockchain technology to make your next blockbuster.

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Blockchain is a new technology that has the potential to revolutionize entertainment. It can provide an alternative for the current centralized model of entertainment and give people more control over their data and identity.

The future of content creation, distribution, and consumption is changing at a rapid pace with AI writing assistants and blockchain technology.

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