DOTA 2: Update 7.31d | Best Heroes For New Players 

 July 8, 2022

The complex mechanics of Dota 2 make it one of the most difficult games for new players. In addition, constant updates make it even more challenging. Today, we want to take a closer look at which heroes are the best for new players in Dota 2 since patch 7.31d introduced.


As expected, we’ve started seeing characters that were not that popular before. But considering the constant meta changes of the Valve video game, some of these heroes are often affected by massive nerfs. Keep in mind that the heroes included in this list are not necessarily the strongest in the game. However, these heroes will help new players to better understand Dota 2.


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The Best Heroes For New Players

Below, you can find the five new carries that can help players improve in Dota 2, as well as to get a deeper view of the mechanics of the game.


This is one of the powerful characters of the late game, traditionally played either in a center lane or in a safe lane. The hero receives a shield that grants so much attack speed on each occasion that it is applied.

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Another highlight that makes Medusa so good is its level 12 talent, which has an attack range of +350. Players who want to better understand the different stages of the game are recommended to practice this hero.


Batrider is one of the most versatile characters of the Valve game as it can be played in any role of the game. In addition, Batrider is one of the heroes at the finish line in patch 7.31d.


His arsenal of abilities presents a strong deactivation, a repositioning spell, and a highly mobile spell that can inflict massive bursts of physical damage on those enemies who are close to the target.


Taking into account all these factors, new players will gain a deep understanding of various game mechanics if they practice Batrider.


Jakiro was improved by patch 7.31c and also by 7.31d. This made him famous again and increased his rate of profit significantly to approximately 56%.


When played as a damage management aid, Jakiro can help shoot down enemy towers with his skill, Liquid Fire. On the other hand, the hero can play from the center lane based on massive magical damage.

Wraith King

Spectrum King is a hero with a high victory rate in the latest patch of Dota 2. With a victory rate of 58%, this hero can deal with massive bursts of damage. To kill him, you should shoot him twice and survive an unpleasant 5-second slowdown that can destroy your entire team.

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Wraith King is exceptionally good for late play as he can heal himself quickly and use his Vampire Spirit and Deadly Strike to defeat his opponents.


New players can benefit enormously by learning about breakdown, last rejections, exchanging HP during the lane stage, and teamwork in fights.


This is one of the most powerful heroes due to his ability to inflict massive damage to the enemy. Thus, Bristleback can give you a great increase in power, and can do a lot of damage before an opponent can get away from him.


Another highlight of Bristleback’s power is the ability to hit a target and reduce HP enough to take it out of orbit with the help of an ally.

Tips To Improve In Dota 2

The Dota 2 scene becomes exciting as updates are made to the heroes. We are sure that tournaments will be as competitive as they come, with opportunities to bet on this discipline.


However, in addition to practicing the heroes mentioned above, it is also crucial to follow some tips to improve your play. These tips may include but are not limited to:


  • Stunning and blocking skills are extremely important in most scenarios.
  • Always checking if there are enemy sentries to protect themselves from ambushes.
  • Teleportation rolls are emergency tools and should be used only in urgent situations.
  • Tracking of the times in the game and the peaks of power of each hero can help you predict movements of the enemy.
  • Iteration and casting spells are the keys to winning team fights.
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