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 April 29, 2021

The French call it boiserie. Boiserie (often used in the plural boiseries) is a decoration based on covering walls with wooden panels, variously inlaid, carved and engraved.

The earliest examples of boiseries were real inlays, the creations of master craftsmen, but later painted panels were often used instead of inlays.

Wood Panel Wallpapers

Boiseries were much desired in France in near 17th century for interior decoration. At the palace of Versailles you will find various examples of such decoration type.

Panels were often used not only to decorate walls but also doors, partitions and separates. It was the splendour of maximalism, the blaze of excess and decoration. In furniture as in clothing, paintings were often set into the panelling, which therefore acted as a frame for the painting or bas-relief.


Today, the term boiserie is used to refer to panelling with wooden panels which are not necessarily decorated, but are nevertheless enriched with frames. Boiserie gives extreme personality to the room in which it is used. But not all woods are the same. There are antique woods, perhaps preciously decorated, taken from the wonderful and opulent French eighteenth century. There are raw woods, perfect for lofts or informal settings.

There are very linear woods, excellent in aesthetic minimalism, often used in design kitchens. In short, no woodwork is the same as another. Often, however, it is very expensive. Other disadvantages include certain permeability, which can sometimes be a disadvantage in interiors when it tends to absorb moisture or dirt.

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Nowadays, many artisan productions have resumed the use of boiserie. Production is located in Italy mainly in the north-east (Veneto) where panelling is produced in walnut or lacquered finishes. Some design studios specialize in this type of furniture, which requires greater precision in the execution of the survey and experience in assembly.

experience in assembly

The boiserie, however it is used, enriches the environment with character. It is often found in British houses, mostly in mahogany. But nowadays, in addition to more trendy colours, another solution is also becoming popular which allows a wood effect in a flat without too much difficulty: wood panel wallpaper. Mineheart offers wonderful wallpapers in different styles, suitable for lofts as well as classic or industrial, minimalist or maximalist houses.

Explore the Mineheart’s wood panel wallpaper collection, a beautiful way to add a touch of significance and enchant to your walls. These wallpapers create a little illusion in homes, and this collection is very much inspired by castles, vintage architecture, and stately homes. These wood panel effect wallpapers has stretched to grab an extensive variety of wood tones and colour options to meet everyone’s taste and different interior themes.

To match your unique home theme you will have numerous wood designs and shades like dark, blue grey, georgian, victorian, bleached oak painted versions, black and white panel wallpaper. Look at the trends, home décor lovers are going with current trend of wood panel wallpapers.

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And speaking of colour, remember that colour can often completely revolutionize a room. If you are more uncertain, stick to tone-on-tone and choose neutral colours. I am thinking of white, cream, charcoal, pink or beige. These are elegant solutions that add preciousness to the environment and will never tire. If, on the other hand, you like a furnishing rich in contrasts, go ahead and dare with colours such as mustard, amethyst, turquoise, petrol and two-tone pink/grey.

Most of interior designers love panel wallpapers in an opulent dark shade, like Mineheart’s dark panel wallpapers. These moody dark shades make an obvious feature wall combined with natural wooden furniture. These Wood panel wallpapers look fabulous in all walls including living room, bedroom, hallway, and in combination with most accepted black and white flooring.

The circuitous 3D look

The circuitous 3D look of white panel wallpaper gives it a creativity that appeals. These traditional Georgian styles are eternal, handy and would be novel for next 10-15 years. These will also add on value to your home, insinuate at class and prosperity.

Walls with Georgian panelling wallpaper are a popular interior design trend followed by several decor lovers. Really there is no surprise when this wood panel wallpaper with everlasting charm, unique design and unsoiled lines can create modern walls that add a sense of space and splendour to feature homes.

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With paneling you can use a minimalist décor. Or you can use a few pieces of furniture that are definitely maximalist. Remember that in difficult times like these on a planetary level, there is always time for deprivation. Smile at the change in your wallpaper; even choose a rustic one to add the warmth of wood to your flat. The important thing is to create. Always, never give up.

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