Creating Engaging Video Content With Facebook Video Marketing 

 August 6, 2022

Meta Description: Video marketing is a sustainable strategy for the growth and visibility of brands. Facebook offers an incredible platform for video marketing and driving traffic.

The dynamics of digital marketing have changed tremendously over the past few years. Video marketing has taken a front seat with the change in the landscape. There is a staggering increase in consumption of videos helping brands or businesses to expand their marketing arm. Nearly 87% of online marketers use video content as part of digital marketing strategies as it successfully creates a sales funnel.

Social media platforms are excellent for video marketing owing to their humungous exposure. Facebook is one of the largest social media channels and provides a powerful channel for video marketing. However, video marketing on Facebook can be a little intimating for beginners. I will give you some effective tips and tricks for video marketing on Facebook that resonate with the audience.


Plan and put out the right kind of video content 

Before learning and working on how to create videos for Facebook, plan the kind of content you want to put on Facebook. As part of a video marketing campaign for a business, developing content that resonates with the crowd is necessary. It is critical to choose the right video content for Facebook video marketing:

  • Product showcasing videos – One of the best ways to engage the audience is to create videos that showcase a product. Most people watch videos before purchasing a product. Do not make it overly sales oriented but just enough for people to engage with the product.
  • Focus on user-generated videos – These are videos that the customers create about a brand, service, or product. Such videos connect more with the customers as it is authentic and created by existing customers. It shows social proof to the prospective customers and makes the brand reliable. It is a free marketing strategy for most brands. As customers tag the brand on the videos, it promotes the business to other people. Make sure to repost user-generated content on Facebook to create a better impact.
  • Tutorial videos – Such videos are ideal for Facebook video marketing because they are informative and educate customers about a specific product or service. You should also understand how to edit a Facebook video and create high-quality tutorial videos to demonstrate your product or service.
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Focus on the video specifications and technicalities

Regarding posting videos on Facebook, there are a few technical specifications to take care of. The format and length of the video play a pivotal role in engaging the audience.

Vertical video format

The majority of people watch videos on smartphones. As the phone is held in a vertical orientation, creating a mobile-responsive video is crucial for higher engagement. Create vertical videos for Facebook as it drives better engagement making it convenient for people to watch them.

Length of the video

Facebook is not a platform for posting long-form videos. Focus on creating short videos of 2 to 5 minutes that send a crisp message to the audience. Facebook videos must communicate things to people in a short manner.


Impactful video intro 

The video’s first 5 to 10 seconds are extremely crucial as it drives the people’s interest. The first impression is integral for video marketing. Add a powerful intro to the video to keep the audience hooked within the first 5 minutes. An interesting intro will compel people to watch the video garnering higher views and shares. Ask a question, generate curiosity or create suspense in the video’s intro.


Know how to edit a video well

There are millions of videos on Facebook, and a well-edited video drives strong audience engagement. It does not require immense technical knowledge to edit a video, and the Facebook video editor has in-built tools to professionally edit a video. Trim the unnecessary part and keep it to the point, crisp, and concise to hold people’s attention.

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While editing the video, adjust or customize the colour settings that appeal to the eye. Piece them together sequence-wise so that it is relatable. Add background music or voice-over where the video has no live explanation or dialogues.


Use SEO-optimized captions or description

Video SEO optimization is often overlooked but necessary for driving organic traffic. It increases the visibility of the video leading to better shareability. As most people watch the videos without the sound on, the captions help better understand what the video is about. Add SEO-optimized caption to the video to intrigue and interest the audience.


Write an SEO-optimized video description while posting the video. Use relevant keywords to enhance the visibility of the video. Do thorough keyword research and combine long- and short-tail keywords to optimize the SEO. Do not forget to use relevant hashtags along with the video.

Create videos for all stages of the sales funnel

Creating a sales funnel is not easy as it requires multiple layers to attract the audience. There are various stages that a buyer goes through before finalizing the purchase. It is of utmost importance that video marketing is done for each stage that streamlines the decision-making process for the customer. The top of the funnel is creating an awareness video introducing a product or service to the target customer. As this is done, target on creating a more specific video that answers the audience’s questions. Lastly, create videos that are slightly sales oriented and drive the conversion.

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Focus on live videos 

Facebook offers an outstanding way to connect and communicate with the target audience. The live video feature of Facebook is a great way to address the questions and answers of the people. Come on live videos weekly for a one-to-one conversation with the target audience. As brands start a live video session, it builds trust and credibility and hence is a great way for lead conversion.


Do not forget to add a CTA

Call-to-action (CTA) is a must to redirect the customer to either a website or link for higher lead conversion. Video marketing aims to engage the audience and get them to buy the product or service. For all the video ads on Facebook, a clear CTA in the text takes customers to the next step. Be creative in including the CTA to compel the customer to turn into a buyer. CTA drives organic traffic and hence boosts sales.



Facebook video marketing is one of the best ways to connect with the target audience and build a credible source. While it might look intimidating and challenging, it takes good strategic planning to drive traffic and sales funnel from Facebook video marketing. With the rise of video consumption, it is wise to invest time and effort in creating interesting video content for Facebook and reach out to the target audience.

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