Colored Edge Printed Cards 

 November 18, 2021


Colored Edge Printed Cards

Unique business cards are one of the most incredible ways to make a stand-out image for your business. As business cards are still an affordable and important marketing tool, you can provide your customers a memorable first impression with luxurious painted edge business cards. These cards are thicker than normal and provide a vibrant look, making them noticeable.

Your customers are bound to give a second look at your business card printed with color edges. These cards give a bold look when viewed from the side. A band of solid color around the edges gives your brand a truly fresh feel.

Printed Edge Business Cards

These cards are slightly bulkier than a credit card as the breadth is required to show off the colors on the side. Color edge makes it easy to spot from a stack of the business cardholder.

Available in different colors these premium business cards can be printed with solid and sparkling metallic edges. Thicker business cards are more in demand by creative professionals and other businesses who want to provide an outstanding look to their business cards.

What Exactly Does a Color Edge Mean?

Color edge finishing is an add-on feature where a band of ink is applied to the edge of a business card and can add a custom edge finish to your business. You can even choose an edge color matching your logo to complete your brand identity.

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At K12 Print, these cards can be printed in different types of colors like custom, fluorescent, metallic, and foil. You can even choose to full-color dual print for your painted edge business cards. The addition of edge color makes your card even more stylish and keeps it standing away from the other business cards.

Steps to Design Your Color Edge Business Cards

With K12 Print you can easily design the card of your choice. We are professionals to help create your imaginations on paper. Provide us with the ideas, requirements, colors of your choice and we will prepare a unique design for your brand.

Our designing process involves the following steps:

  • Talk To Our Designing Expert: You can take full advantage of our in-house designing experts to help custom design your business card. Our expert professionals will guide you through everything to make a lasting color-painted edge business card for your brand.
  • Creating Initial Designs: Our team of professionals will work on the idea provided by you to create an initial design. Alternately you can provide us with your design and we will work on it to make it better with your guidance. We will prepare a digital proof to help you understand what how the final print will look like.
  • Revisions if Required: To design a perfect card you may require a revision and refinement in printing. If you are not satisfied and want any changes, our experts can help you to get a look for the business card required.
  • Final Proofing and Printing: When you have finalized a design, our production team will double-check for any proofing required, and get your cards printed.
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Specifications of the Painted Edge Business Cards

Painted edge cards are available in different sizes and colors. Some of the main specifications are:

  • Sizes: Choose from
  • 5” X 2” Standard Card Size
  • 5” X 2.5” Square Card Size
  • 75” X 2.125” Card Size
  • Paper Type: 32 PT uncoated card stock
  • Coating: Both the sides of color painted edge business cards are uncoated providing an easy to write on surface
  • Edge Colors: K12 Print offers a variety of colors to choose from:
  • Pearlescent Edge Colors like Gold, Blue, Pink, Orange, Purple, and Yellow
  • Standard Edge Colors like Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Turquoise, Orange, Purple, and Pink
  • Stampede Foil Colors like Black, Blue, Copper, Gold, Red. Silver, Green, Light Pink, and others
  • Printed Sides: Available in:
  • Full-color front and blank back
  • Full color on both sides
  • Production Time: Less than 7 business days

Brand Your Business with Custom Painted Edge Business Cards

K12 Prints thrive on getting rush jobs done at the convenience of their customers. We try our best to deliver your imagination and the requirements and help keep up your brand image by providing the best quality Painted Edge Business Cards.


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