Checklist of the Best Places for Post-COVID Vacations in India 

 July 26, 2021

Holidays make your life all the more amazing. Post-COVID holidays in India will be a luxury that few would like to miss out on. Be it exploring the unknown, a break from hectic schedules or special celebration, vacations in India are simply out of the world. While the length and breadth and the diversity of the country makes you wonder where to head to, you need no get overwhelmed. There are amazing tourist places in India to explore history, check out the architectural wonders, experience heritage and culture, try out flavoursome cuisines, or simply relax. With exclusively-crafted holiday packages in India, choose any place and get ready for memories of a lifetime.

Here is our pick of India tours that offer experiences like never before.

Golden Triangle Circuit

The most popular and brief tour of India, the Golden Triangle Circuit is perfect start for travellers. Comprising of the cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, this tour itinerary is loaded with fun. Explore architectural marvels including UNESCO World Heritage sites in three of the most historic cities of North India. The Golden Triangle tour India is one among the favourite travel experiences of India. Peek into a mix of cultures in capital city, the Mughal city and the pride of Rajputana. The comprehensive itinerary packs enough touristy treasures along with access to some of the finest accommodations, delicious meals, shopping and comforts of pampering hospitality.

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Taj Mahal sun rise - Checklist of the Best Places for Post-COVID Vacations in India

Besides, there are many additions and extensions of the tour. After exploring the circuit of Golden Triangle tours extend your stay with a spiritual getaway to Varanasi or a wildlife outing to Bharatpur or Ranthambore or explore the temple towns of Mathura-Vrindavan that are en route.

Wildlife tours

India is blessed with wildlife. Home to verdant jungles national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, birding wetlands and eco-reserved places, there are so many options to experience the wild. Bring you close to nature, wildlife tours in India is a pleasure for travellers.

tiger water bandhavgarh talat hm2 - Checklist of the Best Places for Post-COVID Vacations in India

Spot tigers, hear the roar of the lion, witness the calls of elephant or come close to the one-horned rhinoceros. There is so much to experience that wildlife safaris in India is unmissable. Stay in the wildlife resort, try out the safaris and take a break from the hustle-bustle of city lives.


Spirituality is one of the major calling for planning India tour packages. And, Varanasi is the holiest place in India to head to. Older than civilization, the city is believed to be a place where Gods resides. The holy river Ganga flows through the city; which brings spiritual people from all walks of life. Witness life at the beautiful river ghats of Varanasi.

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varanasi 1 - Checklist of the Best Places for Post-COVID Vacations in India

From morning dips to ceremonies to the last rites, here at the ghats find a connection with the divine. The magnificent daily ritual of Ganga Aarti is one of the best travel experiences in India that have an impression on you lifelong.  Pray at the many ancient temples. It is definitely recommended to explore the by lanes of the ancient city and try out the street food. The famous handcrafted Benarasi sarees are a souvenir to take home.

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Blessed by the Gods, Kerala is more than just a place. It is an emotion. The beautiful state in South India is home to backwaters, beaches, hill stations, tea and spice plantations, wildlife sanctuaries, temple towns and more. Be it a family holiday in India or a romantic honeymoon, Kerala is certainly one of the places that must be visited.

Kerala 1 - Checklist of the Best Places for Post-COVID Vacations in India

The nature beauty is such that Kerala is named as “God’s Own Country’. But that is not the really to plan Kerala tours. It is for the unique houseboat ride on the backwaters, the soothing Ayurveda massages, the colourful culture and heritage, the lush tea plantations, the thrilling wildlife safaris and definitely the mouth-watering cuisine. Even the offseason, the months of monsoon, is rewarding as your holiday will be a very different enjoyable experience.

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Lastly, Goa is always an amazing option to visit on a holiday in India. The sun-kissed shores, the cerulean waters, the laidback vibe, exciting water-sports, and thriving nightlife give you more than enough reasons.

Goa Activities 1 - Checklist of the Best Places for Post-COVID Vacations in India

Be it a romantic honeymoon tour in India or a leisurely getaway, Goa is a perfect choice. Anytime of the year or any reason, if you want to relax the. The nightlife in Goa is one of the most enjoyable in the world. From dancing away the night to peppy beats to trying out luck at casinos, the list is impressive. Besides the usual Goa has some unexplored nature’s treasures. Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, backwaters and spice plantations add to the itinerary.

So, when you are planning for holidays in India, choose any of the above places. You are in for a treat of memories to cherish lifelong.

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