Chat bot and Digital Marketing Things to Know 

 November 10, 2019

In the context of digital marketing, we are increasingly hearing about chat bots as the main and most intuitive means to evolve a company’s online communication. But what are they and how do they work?

In practice, these are special programs that are created with the intention of responding to user messages in a natural, automatic and increasingly performing way. The levels of customization that can be set are now very high. They range from less complex models, which follow a rather simple options tree, to those that take advantage of increasingly advanced machine learning technologies and able to adapt questions and answers.


Digital assistants can increase brand authority

The correct use of chatbots within a digital marketing strategy that has as its objective the expansion of the user base and, therefore, the maximization of turnover is extremely important. These handyman assistants, active and responsive 24 hours a day to meet the needs of users without interruption, offer an important strategic advantage in the field of communication. Nowadays, web users are used to going in search of the brand to interact with it, starting conversations that aim to get information and answers. Not responding to these messages or doing so after many hours reveals a lack of attention to the customer care aspect. Conversely, knowing how to be present and always offering feedback will help increase the brand authority.

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The advantages of chat bots and how to exploit them

When the best digital marketing strategy is focused, it will be necessary to think locally about the many potentialities offered by the inclusion of a chat bot. First of all, as mentioned, communications with the user can be improved. Understanding what his need is and what information or type of support he needs will therefore be simple. Times will have to be short, so as to hook the user and not lose him in the maze of the Net.

The person, based on his requests, can be:

  • addressed to the customer care sector , especially in the post-sales phase;
  • selected as a qualified lead , perfect for the sales department;
  • Helped in a few clicks thanks to the chatbot’s automatic replies.

The use of the chatbot represents the natural and ultra-modern evolution of telephone answering machines and standard mail sending, which do not solve complex cases. The conversation takes place in real time and, more often than not, the virtual assistant ‘learns’ in progress in the dialogue with the user, refining the language and style of communication.

Nowadays it is evident how the fact of automating certain business activities allows to obtain not only a saving of time but also of human resources. The latter, no longer required to manage communications and online conversations with users, can focus more profitably on other activities and projects. A virtuous way to actually increase business development. Conversations with the chatbot, which typically begin with a colloquial ‘hello, how can I help you?’ Grow especially on social networks as time passes. All with a view to improving the customer experience.

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