Best Picnic Spots in Salt Lake City 

 October 30, 2021

Salt Lake City offers some of the most breath taking views in the country, with temperature regions varying between altitude snowy mountains to low salt lowlands. This place is a dream come true for whoever enjoys being outside.

Salt Lake City View

Some of Salt Lake City’s amazing views are:

  • Ensign Peak: Its location facing downtown provides some amazing views even though it is not as tall as other mountains around the city. It is the hike for individuals who seek spectacular vistas without putting up a lot of effort.
  • Heritage Park: Soak a walk around the area to take in the vistas and see the outdoor museum, which features a hamlet that recreates pioneer and Native American life. The pony and train trips would delight children, and they may develop an interest in history as a result.
  • Antelope Island: It is in the centre of the vast Terrific Salt Lake, for a great day trip in the area.
  • Alta Ski Area: It has run for skiers of all skill levels, making it one of Utah’s greatest ski areas.
  • Mormon Tabernacle: It is a huge oval structure with a dome that is supported by 44 sandstone piers. The calm interior, which can accommodate over 6,500 people, is known for its excellent acoustics. There are free tours available daily, as well as a fascinating demonstration of acoustics.

Bike Paths Salt Lake City

Even though you are new to city bicycling or rely on a bike for transportation, social distancing has forced you to change your behaviour. Some bikes underwent evolution into more of a means of receiving some fresh air than for moving around.

  • Big Cottonwood Canyon Scenic Byway: It is a 23.5km extensively travelled trail with a river suitable for all skill levels. It is open all year and largely utilized for biking.
  • Parley’s Trail: It is an easy trail near Salt Lake City, offering spectacular scenery. The perfect time to use it for walking, running, and biking is from March to October.
  • Memory Grove Trail: It is a 2.7km frequently travelled trail with a lake near Salt Lake City. It is suitable for bikers of all abilities. The route is always open, offering a variety of activities.
  • Sugar House Park Loop: It is a 2.3km frequently travelled loop with a lake suitable for all ability levels.

Salt Lake City Night View

Salt Lake City is an amazing place filled with amazing sceneries. Some of the places you can go to enjoy the night views in Salt Lake City are:

  • Laughing Stock: It is an improv comedy theatre that will make you laugh. This venue hosts a range of amusing plays that never fail to provide laughs and entertainment.
  • Trolley Tour: Take a trip back in time by boarding an old-fashioned trolley car and eating some old-fashioned food. It visits several of the city’s hottest places across town and in the historic district, stopping at landmarks so you could get off and take some photos.
  • Salt Lake City Main Street: Even a simple walk downtown can guarantee a nice time. The downtown region is the city’s oldest sector, with Temple Square positioned in the centre.
  • Squatters Pub: It is a small neighbourhood brewery that focuses on periodic brews and certain year-round favourites.
  • Abravanel Hall: It houses the Utah Symphony Orchestra, which is worth seeing even if you do not plan to go inside.
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