A Seam Ring Septum Is the Latest Male and Female Fashion Statement 

 October 17, 2022

The centuries-old accessory known as the seam ring has only lately caught on with the general public. A hole is made in the cartilage of the septum (the wall separating the nostrils) so that a ring may be inserted through it. Those who get this piercing may wear seam rings, a specific sort of jewelry made for it. They feature a tiny bead at one end and are often made of stainless steel or titanium. Aside from improving the piercing’s aesthetics, the bead acts as an additional security measure for your jewelry.

In recent years, the trend of getting your nose pierced with a seam ring has exploded in popularity since it is a fresh and fashionable alternative to the more commonplace stud or barbell. There are a few considerations to bear in mind while selecting a seam ring septum. When picking a seam ring septum, keep these five points in mind.

  • Size


Make sure you choose a size that is comfortable for you to wear all day long and that fits you properly.

  • Material 


The Seam Rings Septum is available in a variety of materials. Choose the one that caters to your requirements and preferences the most effectively.

  • Color


There’s a Septum color that’s perfect for your taste, thanks to the company’s customizable color seam rings.

  • Placement
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It is vital to choose a location on your body for the placement of your septum in which you will be happy and in which the position of the seam rings will not be bothersome. Your septum may be placed in any place on your body.

  • Price


Prices for seam rings may vary widely, from just a few dollars to several hundred. Find a look that doesn’t break the bank.


Advantage of Adding Seam Ring Septum to Your Style


To secure the jewelry in a seam ring septum piercing, a tiny, D-shaped ring is used. The aesthetic value of having this piercing done on your nose is only one of the numerous advantages it offers.

  • Seam Ring Septum is Very Versatile


The various uses of seam rings are endless. Different people will choose different methods to wear them. It’s up to you whether you wear the ring at the top, bottom, or side of your septum. Beads, charms, and other jewelry pieces may also be used to adorn seam rings.

  • Incredibly Low Maintenance Requirements


When properly maintained, seam rings are a breeze to wear. There is no need to clean the piercing from the inside, unlike some other piercings. You may get by only wiping the exterior of the piercing clean.

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  • Make Your Nose Seem Smaller


When done properly, this piercing may provide the illusion of a more refined and refined nose. This method may also be used to create the illusion of perfectly even nostrils.

  • Positive Effects on Health


A piercing in the septum with a seam ring is not only aesthetically pleasing but also has potential health benefits. Because it widens the nasal passages, this piercing might help you breathe easier. Furthermore, it may help stop nosebleeds.

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