A Brief Study about the Top Most Metaverses 

 May 19, 2022

Currently, the two top Metaverses that are being talked about are none other than Decentraland and Sandbox. But the question here arises is which one of them is surpassing the other? At https://meta-profit.app/, here is a brief review from users to compare both cryptocurrencies.

Decentraland or the Sandbox?


Decentraland is known as the first virtual environment in reality which was based on Ethereum. Decentraland brings its users the opportunity to develop, explore and earn from their ideas and content. This framework has a huge history when we talk about it in business. Decentraland has also been quite successful in developing a Metaverse that everyone including gamers, programmers, developers, and even huge business firms has shown interest in.


On the other hand, the Metaverse crypto asset the Sandbox is also built on Ethereum. In this project, things run a bit differently. The players can purchase or lease virtual homes in this very project. Incorporating virtual reality with the blockchain drives as well as discriminates both of these top talked Metaverses in the crypto world.


The users of Decentraland can easily purchase LAND which is a non-fungible virtual asset. This Land token can be bought by using Ethereum Smart Contract with MANA (MANA) which is an ERC-20 token, also known as Ethereum Cryptocurrency. As we have already told you above, Decentraland was built on the Ethereum blockchain (ETH), which has the feature that lets the owner of lands be registered as digital assets.

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On the flip side, Sandbox controls blockchain technology to facilitate user-generated content (UGC) and tokenomics. A variety of LAND plots can get together to develop an ESTATE. This is called the grouping of LAND tokens that follows a similar theme or you can say the same pattern. The SAND token is allowed to be utilized as a ticket to get access to LAND and ESTATE. As the content of Sandbox is dependent on the creativity of the users, this feature makes its supply unrestricted.


Do You Need E-Wallets for Decentraland or the Sandbox?


People are mostly confused about the e-wallet part as the majority of the cryptocurrencies require crypto wallets for selling, purchasing, or trading crypto assets. But for Decentraland, you do not have to have a cryptocurrency wallet to play and explore it. You only need an e-wallet to open earning opportunities and to make purchases in-game non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The users and players require crypto wallets to sign up and play the games on these platforms. The games present on these platforms require the support of three types of wallet software: MetaMask, Bitskit, and Venly.

Market Value of Decentraland and the Sandbox

In the marketplace on Decentraland, there is approximately a 2.5% MANA cost in all transactions made by the users. There is also a 5% fee charged to all transactions made on the marketplace of Sandbox cryptocurrency.

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Furthermore, there is one more thing similar in both the Metaverse platforms you will need to pay a transaction (gas) fee when you interact with the blockchain of Ethereum.


Is Sandbox Better Than Decentraland?


For now, it has been observed that Sandbox is the one winning the ongoing argument about the Metaverse platforms Decentraland and Sandbox. As compared to Decentraland, Sandbox has a bigger number of collaborations, investors, and employees. Moreover, the platform of Sandbox looks more innovative and resourceful than Decentraland. Also, Sandbox looks like a long-term strategy.


Though Sandbox is currently beating Decentraland, both platforms have showcased outstanding development by reassuring the addition of new features. On the other hand, Sandbox has become a champion. It has recently shifted to Polygon non-fungible token (NFT) layer two technology that utilizes approximately 100 times lesser energy than Ethereum.


Another functionality that makes Sandbox better than Decentraland is the convenience of accessing the platform. When it comes to the terms of application access, Sandbox is a total win-win. It brings you plenty of methods to access the network including via a media platform or email account and a crypto wallet such as Metamask wallet. Contrastingly, Decentraland only provides access by connecting a wallet.


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Furthermore, the forecast of crypto has predicted that the coin value of Sandbox will escalate at a rocket’s speed in the future. It will be quite simple for Sandbox to convince others to unite with it if this happens.




This article is all about the basic differences between the two top-most Metaverse platforms of the crypto world. Decentraland has been successful in developing a functional working example, while Sandbox is at present already in the Alpha stage but still, both the currencies have a long way to go to evolve even bigger.

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