7 Unique Floor Lamps to Add Life to Your Living Room 

 March 5, 2022

Since the light bulb was first patented in 1879, lamps have been lighting our living spaces. Lamps offer light, functionality, and warmth to every home. Lamps can also be a statement piece, attracting the attention and compliments of your guests.

Unique floor lamps add fun and functionality to your living room. Keep reading for all you need to know about buying floor lamps that fit your taste.

Unique Floor Lamps

When it comes to living room lighting, floor lamps come in a range of different styles. You can keep it simple and discrete or bold and bright, with a range of options in between.

Check out these seven floor lamp ideas to find the best lighting for your space.

  1. The Cosmos Floor Lamp 

The Cosmos floor lamp will bring brightness at every level. This unique lamp completely abandons the typical rules of lamps, with 3 orbs suspended at different heights along the rectangular frame.

The frame itself is a relatively simple, golden metal frame, allowing the orbs to be the star of the show. The lamp will cast a warm light throughout and will be sure to be a centerpiece of your home.

  1. Oxford Dunce Floor Lamp

For a modern and minimalist statement lamp, check out the Oxford Dunce floor lamp. Rather than projecting light outward, this lamp projects the light backward at the wall behind it, allowing for the perfect atmosphere of indirect light.

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The unique casting feature of this lamp really makes it the center of attention in your space. The sleek black body looks modern and cool in any living room.

  1. Lulu Floor Lamp

The Lulu floor lamp brings a whole new material to the world of lamps- fabric. The combination of sage green velvet and brass accents works amazingly well in an eclectic or maximalist living room.

This lamp has a completely different look from your standard living room lamp and adds a pop of color and texture to any space.

  1. Brightech Twist Floor Lamp 

For an unusual lamp that projects light everywhere, check out the artsy Brightech Twist floor lamp. Two beams of light twist around one another, sending light in every direction and looking amazing at the same time. This lamp also has multiple brightness settings, so is it perfect for any occasion.

  1. Vivian Floor Lamp 

The Vivian floor lamp looks great in almost any living room space, thanks to its artsy but muted design. The base resembles a large vase, and the matching linen shade is more than half the height of the lamp. Thanks to this tall light feature, this lamp will bring bright light to your whole space.

  1. Linear Metal LED Floor Lamp
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The Linear Metal LED floor lamp offers a low profile and unique brightness to your space. A modern industrial look, the entire side of this lamp is 360º of warm light. The mixed metals and bold design make this lamp a statement piece.

  1. Clarkedale Floor Lamp 

The Clarkedale floor lamp is more of a sculpture with added light than a traditional floor lamp. This unique lamp twists and turns into a beautifully lighted art piece, with dimmable LED lights and a clean silver finish.

No matter the design of your home, this unique floor lamp will stand out.

Upgrade Your Home Lighting Today!

Lamps come in every style and design imaginable. As the center of light in your home, you should have some fun picking out unique and beautiful lamps that perfectly fit your tastes. With so many different options out there, there is sure to be a unique floor lamp for you.

Now that you know how many amazing floor lamps are out there, upgrade your basic living room lamp to something unique today!

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