6 Best Things to Do and Places to See in Phoenix 

 April 12, 2021

Popularly known as the valley of the sun, Phoenix city gives the best experience to its inhabitants and tourists. With its beautiful desert scenery, nature peak mountains, and extremely friendly atmosphere, you can be assured to have an amazing experience.

Phoenix is home to a wide variety of parks and recreational centres like national parks, county parks and city parks. If you are a sun-lover, the dry and warm climate of this amazing city is the best for you. The city also offers abundant arts and cultural attractions for lovers of art and culture.

In this article, I would outline the most amazing places you must visit during your stay:

Phoenix city

1. The Sonoran Desert

This is known as the greenest and hottest desert in the world. It is known for the growth of unique plants like the gigantic saguaro (which is the state flower of Arizona) and wildlife. It has plenty of sunshine and enough water to sustain life.

Over the centuries, this amazing desert has attracted people because of its pleasant weather conditions. Although it can get very hot during summer, the winter and summer seasons are extremely pleasant. The Sonoran Desert spreads through Mexico to Arizona and the southern part of California.

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Phoenix preserves about 16,000 acres of this amazing desert in a place called “The south mountain park and preserve” and it is the best place to have a taste of the beauty of the Sonoran Desert. The south mountain park and preserve are best suited for outdoor activities such as biking or hiking.

However, to catch a wider view of this beautiful mountain, travelling by road might not give you what you want. You might want to try flying the phoenix hot-air balloon at sunset which takes you as high as 5000feet above ground level and affords you the luxury of seeing the whole desert and its gargantuan saguaro cacti.

2. Musical Instrument Museum

A warm evening with a piece of nice cool music seems like a pretty good idea of having fun. Known to be one of the largest of its kind in the world, the musical instrument museum has a collection of more than 6800 instruments from almost 200 countries.

You cannot afford to miss seeing the magnificent Artists gallery and the Experience gallery where you can play some of the instruments you like. Furthermore, you would get to experience numerous live music shows from several countries of the world.

So, if you are looking for a state of the arts musical exhibition centre in phoenix, the musical instrument museum is the answer to your inquiry. It presents music at its peak with all forms and shades of creativity.

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3. The Desert Botanical Garden

Located in Papago Park, the Desert Botanical Garden combines both art and nature. With artificial art installations, the desert plants glow in a beautiful array of colours and look so tender and beautiful to behold.

The Desert Botanical Garden is home to tens of thousands of plants, it also displays various examples of vegetation from deserts of the world.

The spring season is an amazing time to come to visit. The beautiful sunshine and warm environment make these plants come to life and bloom in beautiful colours.

It doesn’t sound like a bad idea to visit the Desert Botanical Garden – does it? There are several other things to explore in this amazing city.

4. How About Hiking?

With High-peak Mountains like the camelback mountains, Mormon trail and pinnacle peak, you sure have a good place to hike.

The camelback mountain which is one of the highest peaks in Phoenix is among the best scenic hiking spots in the city. From the summit of the camelback mountain, you can have spectacular views of the city of phoenix.

Think of being on the summit of the camelback mountain at sunset and beholding the beauty of this amazing city as it lightens up in the dark. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

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To have a good hiking experience, here are a few things you might want to consider bringing along:

  • A Hiking boot is necessary to make your climb smooth and firm, it also protects your feet and ankles from sprains and bruises that might want to arise from long-distance trekking or hiking. If you want to walk as long as 300Km without feeling any pain in your foot and ankles, then visit this pageto select from the best hiking boots in the world.
  • A sleeping bag guarantees you a good rest whenever you are outdoors. With the sleeping bag, you are guaranteed maximum fun and relaxation while you perform outdoor activities like hiking, etc. You should check out some good sleeping bags here.
  • For the best sightseeing experience especially when you are at high altitudes like the phoenix air balloon or the Camelback mountain, A thermal imaging binocular is what you need. It makes the view alive to you and brings out the hidden beauty that your natural eyes might not be able to see. If you are ready to savour all the beautiful moments of Phoenix during your stay here, then you need to get a quality and affordable thermal imaging binocular. Don’t look too far, I have made my research and come up with the best and affordable thermal imaging binoculars ever.
  • Being on the mountain means you won’t have all you need. But an espresso machine does not sound too bad, does it? Having a cup of coffee would surely soothe your mind.
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5. Foods In Phoenix

Apart from the beautiful warm climate and the mindblowing natural habitats, Phoenix has very good desserts and confectionaries that can keep you light and refreshed either during or before hiking.

To mention a few, ensure you get your hands around the PBJ bacon burger with sweet jam, salty bacon, rich peanut butter and hot sriracha sauce which makes the burger one of the best you can find in Phoenix.


The state of Phoenix is indeed a must-see. The view of the city is magnificent and mind blowing, the natural habitats are beautiful and wonderful to behold and it is filled with fun and several outdoor activities that lift the soul.

And don’t forget to taste the PBJ bacon burger.

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