4 Simple Tips to Pick the Best Crystal Trophies 

 September 22, 2021

One of the best ways to reward an excellent performance from employees is by gifting an award to recognize the superb job done by an individual or team. You can always choose the form of recognition this award may take. It could be a voucher, a bonus or a trophy. This blog post will give you the best tips on choosing the best gift to award your employees for their outstanding performance.


Choose Awards with A Specific Purpose


There are various reasons to award your employees. Sometimes, you want to award an employee who has served your company for many years with dedication and commitment. You may also want to recognize a specific employee for being the best salesperson or customer service rep in a certain period. Both rewards are equally important and unique.

It is vital that you outline the purpose you want each award to serve. The meaning behind each award makes it easier to choose the specific kind of trophy you want to use. It will also inform the wording of the engravings you want to be done on the award. It is important that you specify whether the award is to be given to an individual or group.

A group trophy or plaque serves a different purpose from that of an individual trophy. Highlighting the award’s purpose will ensure that you choose a worthy gift of the achievement you are rewarding.

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Choose Between Display Awards and Gift Awards


Once you have settled on the specific purpose of the awards, choose whether the trophy or plaque will be a display or gift award. A gift award is one that your employee can take home as a memento of your appreciation for their hard work.

A display award is displayed around the workplace in honor of the employee’s hard work. It is usually used to recognize the excellence of an individual publicly. A good example is the employee of the month plaques often displayed publicly for fellow employees and customers to see. The choice between the display and gift awards will inform the choice of trophy or plaque your company will purchase.


Let Your Awards Be Genuine


One of the best ways to make an individual feel valued and appreciated is by offering a thoughtful award. Sometimes when a company chooses to award employees, the gifts are usually generic and unimaginative.

If you want to convey genuine appreciation for your employee’s achievement, tasteful crystal trophies are precisely what you need. If you have the trophy engraved with a personalized message, they will appreciate it even more. Crystal awards go a long way in showing gratitude. They also come in different shapes and designs, such as stars and diamonds.

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Giving a trophy with a personalized message shows that you value the contribution of your employee but also value the employee themselves. A personalized trophy will send the message that you are invested in the success of your employee’s careers.


Outline the Importance of Awards to Your Company


It is critical that you determine the importance of recognizing employee achievements through awards to your business. This will help you define the meaningfulness of your reward system. No company wants to give out so many awards that they become meaningless. You have to balance the line between employee recognition and the importance of exemplary performance.

According to Forbes, employee recognition is crucial in inspiring excellent performance from employees. Everyone wants to feel that the work they put in is being recognized and appreciated. However, it is also important to ensure that your employee reward system is not watered down.

Outlining the importance of your award system means that you have to define which kind of gift will be awarded for what performance. Ensure that your rewards system conveys the amount of effort an individual shows and the importance of their achievement.




You can show appreciation to your employees in a multitude of ways. Most organizations show their appreciation by awarding gifts such as trophies or plaques to their employees. Whichever way your company chooses to honor an employee, make sure that you choose the right and appropriate award to celebrate their achievement.

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