13 Best Safe ROM Download Sites You Can Trust 

 October 8, 2020

Playing games on a conventional video console which used to be connected to TVs is gradually overdone by the advancement of the technology. The famous square-shaped disk is becoming progressively extinct as time goes by.

However, other developed sites seem to restore the enjoyment and fun of playing your favorite. Do you know what you only need? Is to download their respective ROMs and you are done.

There’s a chance you are wondering where to download the games since there thousands of sites and some could be spam. I got your back. The following are the best sites for you to visit and download your favorite games. They include,

  • Gamulator

Gamulator is the best site to download ROMS in the gaming industry, which makes it best. Saver is that it is easy to use; their website also has less added and not prone to unnecessary notifications popping every time you try to download. Its access is not limited since you can access it using your phone as well as your computer.

Favorite Emulators

Gamulator site also out dos other sites. For instance, it consists of a more extensive list of ROMs which are frequently updated to enable the users to enjoy the latest gaming features, and it is free from viruses since the safety of your device is paramount.

  • DopeROMS

Dope DOMS is also another site used to download ROMS; it guarantees you comfort to access the games through your computer or smartphone.

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The website is not only safer but also provides many choices to choose from, therefore making it popular from gaming industries.

  • Romulation

Romulation is a bit different from the other sites since it requires some subscription to access the site. To use it you need first to sign up. After that, Romulation will award you 10,000 points which you will use to download ROMs and games.


Once your points are finished, you will then have to purchase more which is a monthly subscription amounting to $9.99, or you can opt to wait for other twenty-four hours to be awarded five hundred points as the saying says ‘patient pays.’

  • Romania

Romania is also a fantastic site since it allows you to play online, it is safe and free from spams, and annoying popping adds.


The site is always updated, and therefore it is only the site to get the latest and trending games and charts, making it one of the best sites.

  • ROMs mode

I dare you to try ROMs mode site, the site is unique for it not only provides you with variety of choices but also educates you on how to play MAME games on different laptops or phones, without forgetting it’s one of the best sites that covers a wide range of console games.

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ROMs mode

  • ClassicGames.me

Do you still crave for childhood games which are rare to find? Then, ClassicGames.me will be your shoulder to lean on.


ClassicGames.me has gone an extra mile to assemble all the nonexistent games to make sure your joy is back either by playing then online or downloading from the site.

  • Rom Hustler

Rom Hustler is among the most fantastic website whereby you will find a collection of ROMs and emulators for your usage.


The most advantageous for the site is that they frequently perform security checkup for all files they upload on their server to ensure no viruses or any other harmful threats while using it.


CoolRom is the next entrant on our list. The site convenient mostly for those who love retro and classic games, free exploration for emulators and ROMs are a sure bet for the site also offers ratings for other sites.


  • Romsmania

Romsmania stands next on our list for best ROM site. Here you can find ROMs for every operating system.


They provide a wide variety of collections that most important helps in Retro games, their site is more secure to use.


The site is much different from other ROMs sites as it acts as a blogger rather than as a host.

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The purpose of the site is to provide links on where to get a particular service like Mega. It is much essential since it saves you the time of wondering where to get the right ROM.

  • CD Romance

CD Romance is next on our list which is worth to download.

CD Romance

This site provides you with not only best ROMs but also updates you on the upcoming games.

  • Old computer ROMs

The site provides ROMs of classic whereby you can get the opportunity to play backups either using your laptop or your smartphone.

Old computer ROMs

  • Emulator Zone

It is one of the best known ROMs site made available on the internet.

Emulator Zone

You can find any form of a classic new gaming platform like PlayStation.


As I conclude, these are not only the best but also the safe and most trusted sites to use when downloading the ROMs for free, and the list will be helpful.

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