10 Ways to Create an Instagram Story 

 May 2, 2022

For the past few years, Facebook has already created one of the most beautiful features known as Stories. Several questions have been looming around on how to create an Instagram story. As Instagram is owned by Facebook, the feature of creating beautiful stories has also emerged. Get seen by your niche audience and build your dedicated following on Instagram. Buy instagram views and reach out to your audience starting today.

Every picture has a story to tell. That is why creating a story with the picture will help you reach everyone present on Instagram. From last year, more than 200 million people have been posting photos and videos and converting them to stories. Are you eager to know how to do it? Let’s get along.

1. Create a Story Slideshow (Camera)

Snapchat has this type of feature. So, Instagram is also creating it. When you add more than one photo or video, then it acts like a sideshow. Log in to your Instagram account. After that, get along with the + button, present at the top of the app. Now, a Circle button will appear for selecting the photos. If you want to snap photos on the spot, allow Instagram to access your camera. Moreover, access to the Gallery of your phone or tablet is also mandatory. Just snap your desired picture and upload it. This is the process of how to create an Instagram story by taking photos.

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2. Choose Photos from Gallery 

The process of how to create an Instagram story, by choosing pictures from your phone or tablet’s gallery, is easy. As usual, tap on the + button. When the Circle button appears, you will see a small thumbnail for access to the Gallery. Tap on it to view all the pictures present in the gallery. Choose as many as you want and upload it.

3. Create a Boomerang 

A new mind-blowing feature that has conquered most of the people’s mind, nowadays. These are actually the short videos that are programmed to enter into an infinite loop. It will go on and on creating a funny ambience for all the audiences who are viewing it.

The process of how to create an Instagram story will also help you to create the Boomerang. Swipe on the left side of the news feed to start the Boomerang. The Boomerang mode is present just beside the Record button. Tap on it to record a video and create a Boomerang video.

4. Addition of Effects 

Adding some effects to your photos, with the help of Instagram filters, will give an ultimate edge. Apart from creating a video with the effects, you can also go live and show the power of your contents by putting them in the story. The filter contains various effects that will help more people to see your story and react to it.

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5. A Collection of New Features 

Apart from learning how to create an Instagram story, you must have a look at some of the newly introduced features. The list includes — the weather forecast, the updated time-zone, holidays, the list of the number of days in a week, Geo-location, emojis and others. The emojis are built in such a way that you can transform the pictures into various types of stickers.

6. Creation of Art 

Adding some special items in your stories will be fruitful for you. Making several types of art will also teach you how to create an Instagram story. The dedicated drawing tool in Instagram will help you to open the canvas and let you create wish-list art. According to the requirements, select the size of the marker and start drawing. Make the art fantastic and upload it to your Instagram story.

7. Adding a Geo-Tag

Geo-Tag is a technical term which means adding a location to your story. After selecting a post, tap on Location and Instagram will ask you to turn on the location of the phone. If it is already On, then soon after tapping, it will instantly select your location and place it in the post. Before finalizing, make sure that the location tag is correct. If not, you can choose manually.

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8. Create a Hashtag 

Have you ever wondered what does the hash (#) tag means? The hash means pre-requisites of a particular item that exists in a social media platform. It searches for a similar type of item and helps you to increase the audiences depending upon the location. Therefore, more people will watch your story with the help of the hashtag.

9. Addition of Polls 

Your story viewers have the right to vote on the quality of the story. Apart from learning how to create an Instagram story, you must also know how to create a poll. The poll will also help in knowing how much people have seen the story and liked it. It’s perfectly fine to celebrate the positive votes, but you must also heed towards the negative ones and improve it, as well.

10. Attach Countdown Stickers 

Your new story is about to show something exciting. So, adding a countdown sticker to the content of the story will create excitement amongst all the viewers. They will eagerly wait for what you are going to present to them. Select the type of sticker that you want to post. After that, name it. Then, set the timer and let them wait for the blast.

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The Instagram story is valid for only 24 hours. After the time span is over, the story will be deleted automatically by the host itself. After posting the story, it will be available in public, by default, and everyone will be able to see it. You can share the story on other social media platforms for increasing the audience number.

If something goes wrong, delete the story immediately, and then repost it once again. On posting creative and innovative stories, it might increase your Instagram followers. Thus, making you socially popular on your desired content.


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