10 Most Popular Fonts Used When Designing A Brochure 

 October 6, 2021

10 Most Popular Fonts Used When Designing A Brochure

Want to design a fantastic brochure? First, you need to be clear about the purpose of a brochure. There is no strait-jacket formula for designing a brochure. Different brands require different types of brochures. Whatever it is you are designing, how to make it a success without using best font for brochure!

Though different types of brochures require different font types, you need to be crystal clear about what you are trying to convey. Also, the best font for brochure depends on where you want to drive attention. Is it the images or the font itself?

Using distractive fonts can sometimes jeopardize your purpose. You need an easy-to-understand guide to help you decide on the type of fonts you want to use.

The following also includes some brochure fonts in Word.

1. Calibri

This is the default font of MS Word. Wow, even a default font can be amazing. The perfect thing when it comes to the font is that it has round and soft edges. Calibri makes you feel warm and friendly.

This font can be used in combination with other round-edged fonts to give a completely fresh look to your brochure. Most brochures use Calibri as their default fonts!

Undoubtedly, it has gotten the most elementary and best fonts in word.

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2. Raleway

This is another excellent font you should definitely consider. It is clean and elegant. The best part about this font is that it can be used with Calibri to create a modern effect.

Raleway is a type of Sans Serif typeface that is best for brochures designs and pamphlets for personal branding, music agencies, movie promotions, etc.

Compared with other Sans Serif fonts, Raleway has a modern vibe that really contrasts with other traditional styles. Even if it is new for you, give it a try! Who knows, this can be your best font for brochure!

3. Pacifico

This font is fun! This is inspired by American surf culture in the 20th century. This is an excellent font for those who have gift-themed shops around the corner.

Even for selling or promoting gift items, including gratitude journals, this font can do wonders. It is cursive, and its legibility is remarkable. However, there is a word of caveat.

Do not use this font for a big block of letters. A medium-sized text looks good in cursive. For larger sizes, Pacifico can become illegible.

4. Trajan

No, it is not Trojan; it is Trajan. But, yes, this is Roman! This is an uppercase Roman font that is quite traditional in look this. Trajan is mainly used for designing headers and titles because it can be used for huge blocks of letters.

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Let me mention to you some typical industries using this font or who can use this font

  • Law firms
  • Churches
  • Wedding organizers
  • CPA/CA/CFA/Investment firms
  • Any consultancy business/firms

The above list is not exhaustive. Of course, you can be creative with this font. However, take care to ensure to have to use the right mix of fonts.

This is the best font for brochure if your brochure is professional.

5. Cooper black

This is an ultra-bold font that can captivate a lot of readers. Some funky brochures can make use of this font. This was used in the late 60s pop culture, which has a nostalgic feel.

It still appeals to a wide array of the audience even though it was popular back then. Event organizers can effectively use this font to promote concerts, music events, water parks, vintage-themed shows, pop shows, camps, etc.

6. Proxima Nova

It is one of the Sans Serif typefaces that are not popular among the public. I would call it underrated. If you are a designer and want to be more creative, this is a good option for you.

It has a minimalistic design, but it is weighty. It is a best font for brochure for subheadings and titles. You may not want to have this font in the body of your text. For the body, Calibri will seem better.

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7. Helvetica

This is one of the most neutral fonts available right now! Helvetica is one of the most popular fonts used by designers and creators not to draw attention towards texts.

Yes, sometimes you don’t want to distract your viewers with fancy text and allow them to focus on the visuals. The best part of the font is that you can use it for headings, subheadings and texts too.

Consider it n your list of best font for brochure.

8. Didot

For a formal tone, you can make the best use of Didot. This font can enhance your viewer’s perspectives towards you if you are in professional fields.

The unique means of feature of this font is that some strokes are thin, and some are fat. This makes it look modern and standard. Even if you are in design industries like lifestyle, interior designing, fashion designing, garden, and so on, Didot can be your best friend!

9. Century Gothic

Yes, this is a popular word font from MS Word. This is a popular typeface for writing headlines and news. It has a clean, straightforward, and elegant design.

With a great Sans Serif finish, this font is not only used as best font for brochure in the media industry but also used for designing brochures. Created in 1991, this was heavily inspired by the geometric sans serif style from the 1930s.

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This is again one of the best fonts in word.

10. Garamond

This is actually a font used by Microsoft itself! It is widely used for book texts. Why is Garamond so popular? It enhances readability and is a very simple font.

As such, in case you’re up for designing a brochure that has a lot of written content, then what’s better than Garamond! This font undoubtedly seems very suitably yet elegant for a variety of uses.

If you want help regarding choosing best font for brochure, you can contact best brochure design Company.

I hope this article helps you to choose what font you want for your brochure.


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